Warren Buffett Buys Gold and so Should You – John Rubino (Video)

Warren Buffett Buys Gold and so Should You – John Rubino Video by FSNGoldandSilver

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Warren Buffett Buys Gold and so Should You

Food prices rising:

“From February to June, meat and poultry prices rose nearly 11%, with beef and veal prices seeing the highest rise, spiking 20%. For pork the increase was about 8.5%. People are paying more for other staples, too: During the same time period, egg prices shot up 10%, and shoppers shelled out 4% more for cereals and fresh vegetables.”

California on verge of passing wealth tax and is considering big increase in income tax– would raise top income tax rate to 16%

Are Chicago and NYC over? Chicago shutting its downtown at 9pm each night, NYC sees massive increase in shootings, subway system going bankrupt, apartments empty, people moving out in droves.

Sound money caucus forms in Congress — better late than never

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