Big-Money Buying Signals a Rise in These Sectors

Big-Money Buying Signals a Rise in These Sectors by  for Casey Research

Rachel’s note: If you’re a regular at the Dispatch, you know our goal is to help you score big gains outside the mainstream… so you don’t have to settle for Wall Street’s leftovers. That’s why today, we’re handing the reins to our colleague at Palm Beach Research Group, Jason Bodner.

Jason worked on Wall Street for over a decade. And he’s discovered a unique event he calls the “billionaire bump.” It involves a major announcement a well-known billionaire will make at any moment. And it’s guaranteed by law to happen.

Once it does, a specific set of stocks will skyrocket… delivering windfall gains as high as 3,200% in a matter of weeks. But only if you act quickly. Jason recorded this urgent briefing from his home to tell you everything you need to know. You can access it right here.

And be sure to read on to learn how you can take advantage of this insider knowledge… usually kept hidden from Main Street investors…

By Jason Bodner, editor, Palm Beach Insider

It was just an ordinary trade… but it would quickly go on to be the biggest trade of my career.

It all start­ed as a normal $20 million order for 1 million shares – in one day. I never would’ve dreamed of what it would become…

In 2010, I was the head of my trading desk at Cantor Fitzgerald. And a friend from another big bank called me to buy some stock for a big client. Let’s call it “KDQ”…

My firm matched big institutional buyers with sellers. So in a few minutes, I found a seller and offered my friend 100,000 shares (about $2 million worth). He bought it instantly.

“Do you have any more?” he asked.

By the end of the day, I sold him 1 million shares of KDQ – which was worth about $20 million.

And the next day, I sold him another 1 million shares of KDQ. By then, the price was clearly lifting.

The same thing happened the third day. Another 1 million shares; another lift in the price. And then again on the fourth day…

After about a month, I’d mopped up and sold him every share of KDQ that I could find – about 20 million shares (worth over $500 million).

At that point, the stock had risen 70%. It had climbed so much that it was making headlines on CNBC.

A few days later, I finally found out who the buyer was: a $20 billion hedge fund. In total, it acquired more than 15% of KDQ by buying 50 million shares through me and my competitors.

That’s when I knew this was something special…

Because imagine how much you could’ve made if you’d bought KDQ before the hedge fund completed its full order.

If you’d bought KDQ on the day of the very first order, you could’ve turned $10,000 into $17,000 in just four weeks.

I’m telling you this story because it’s the secret to profiting off of Wall Street’s moves… by letting them lead you to the big moneymaking stocks.

The Billionaire Bump

I’ll let you in on something…

Some people in dark rooms on Wall Street know about huge trades like KDQ before they happen. And they profit from them. It’s just a fact.

But if you’re experienced and watch carefully, you can detect early signals when these institutions get started early on, too.

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