Better Protected, Better Prepared and Aware – James Wesley Rawles

Better Protected, Better Prepared and Aware – James Wesley Rawles by Rory for The Daily Coin

TDC Note – This was originally released on October 12, 2014 during the ebola scare. Unfortunately, it was deleted in 2015 and I didn’t realize it until just now. Originally titled – Consider This Your LAST Wake-Up Call – James Wesley Rawles. This is a great interview that should have been the necessary warning shot almost six years ago. Had you listened then where would your preps have been in February 2020? It’s not too late and what is discussed applied then, applies now and will apply in the future.

The stage for the lockdowns, medical martial law and other tyrannies were set during the time this was recorded.


Mark and I sat down with the voice of the preparedness, survivalist community. Mr. Rawles is not only known globally for his expertise in the preparedness community – he is also a father, an author, veteran and a patriot of the highest order. It is an honor to speak with Mr. Rawles to get his take on what is happening in our world right now and how we may be better prepared to face the challenges as they unfold.

In this 45 minute interview we discuss the State of Connecticut’s decision to institute a medical emergency regarding Ebola even though there are no reported cases or deaths in the state. We discuss the economic impact if other states follow suit and begin passing similar orders. We quickly turn to what you need to do, right now, to better protect your family and yourself from a possible pandemic. Ebola is beginning to spread and we all need to either ramp-up our efforts or get very serious about laying in some preps as some items are already unavailable or in very short supply.

We learned on Saturday, October 11, the day we recorded this interview, that Harvey Organ’s Gold and Silver Daily Update website had been shut down. According to Jesse’s Crossroads Cafe it was by court order. Not exactly sure a) if this is 100% accurate or b) why in the world would a benign website like Harvey’s be under fire? This brings into focus Mr. Rawles website, CFAPA, and the necessity for each of us, especially the citizen journalist and alternative journalist, to visit, customize to your specifications and print your own press credentials. There is no record of your visit or whether you have taken advantage of the free service that is offered for your personal protection. Who knows – these credentials could be the difference between getting through a roadblock, going to jail or remaining free. Either way, in light of the paranoia on the part of the so-called powers-that-wanna-be, having “another arrow in your quiver” is a good idea.

We wrap up the conversation with the warning signs of a major war. The Department of Defense has the “DEFCON” system that we civilians are not privileged to. We discuss some possible warning signs that would be an indication of the current regional wars escalating into global war…what you need to know and what to be watching for.

The goal is to help you and your family be better protected, better prepared and aware as this is your wake-up call. Our world is changing at such a pace it is difficult to keep up with the day-to-day changes. We all need to be prepared to hunker-down, shelter-in-place and not leave our homes for several months. If a pandemic breaks out and Ebola mutates into a true air-borne virus, may God help us all. If you haven’t already gathered supplies, please do not wait any longer, time is no longer on your side.

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