Big Changes Are Coming to Our Monetary System

Big Changes Are Coming to Our Monetary System by ,  for Casey Research

Rachel’s note: Today, we’re sharing a conversation with Casey Report chief analyst Nick Giambruno, and Daily Cut’s fellow gold bug, Chris Lowe.

Regular Dispatch readers know Nick believes gold is in the early innings of a historic bull market. And we’re on the cusp of a monetary shock that will only make it more attractive.

Recently, Nick uncovered a sinister plan by the U.S. government to confiscate everyday Americans’ wealth… and use COVID-19 as an excuse to cover up this cash grab. He put together this urgent briefing on how to protect yourself from this underhanded play, which you can access here.

Then, read on below to learn more about the coming storm…


Chris Lowe: Hey Nick. How’s it going?

Nick Giambruno: Hey Chris. I’m doing great. How about you?

Chris: I’m good. Are you still in Argentina?

Nick: Yes. I’m in a very remote part of Argentina. It’s an ideal bug-out location. It’s a rural property development Doug Casey built in the Andes Mountains… sort of an escape hatch.

Out of sheer luck and coincidence, I was here when the lockdown happened. I’m very fortunate to be in the ideal bug-out location.

Chris: I heard Argentina has very tough COVID restrictions. What’s it like? I know you’re probably quite removed from it where you are. But what about the rest of the country? How are they handling it down there?

Nick: Well, the restrictions vary from province to province.

I’m in the Salta Province. It’s in the northwest by the borders of Chile and Bolivia.

There haven’t been many cases here, but people are still pretty scared. While there are some restrictions, I can still go out. There’s plenty of food, plenty of wine, plenty of sunshine. I’m definitely not suffering here.

That said, there are businesses that are suffering. The restaurants are mostly closed. Some people do what they want to do and just ignore the restrictions. So you can go to restaurants if you want to. But for the most part, restaurants are suffering.

Tourism is suffering, too. This is a big tourist area with all the vineyards and so forth. So there’s no question that people are suffering. But it’s definitely not as strict as it is in the capital city.

You’re very familiar with Buenos Aires. I know you lived there. So this is a completely different area than the metropolis of Buenos Aires.

Chris: I was talking to a friend in Buenos Aires. She said it’s very strict there. She says it may be locked down until September.

Nick: Yes. I think that is the case. I would say at least until September. This whole thing’s been politicized. But that’s a whole ’nother ball of wax.

Chris: Right. I wanted to talk to you today because you’ve been writing about gold for a long time. And it’s definitely starting to work out as a trade. When did you start to put this gold rally on your readers’ radars?

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