Race Riots of the 1960’s – Today’s Are A Symptom Of Deeper Problems…

Race Riots of the 1960’s – Today’s Are A Symptom Of Deeper Problems… by  for Modern Survival Blog

“I just wonder how far downhill this thing will spiral, and how fast. We all know that no matter what, the Nov election is a starting point for something… but just how fast and how far down the tubes will it go?”

“This sort of stuff went on in the 60s i guess, i was just a kid so in my world everything was groovy,,, but all was not well or right.”

“This seems to me different, more extreme. Back then it was only in the communities, now there are people in government pandering to this BS.”

“Interesting times, and not in a good way. That (election countdown) clock of yours may well be more significant than most know.”

The sentences above are excerpted from a comment here by “Kulafarmer”. It got me to thinking… how different is this from the 60’s? I too was just a kid then, so I don’t have an adult-minded reference comparison. But some of you might.

What’s the Difference Between the 60’s Riots and Today?

For those of you who were old enough back then during the 60’s riots, what’s your opinion?

Is what we’re seeing today in America a worse situation?

From what I gather, those riots were “race riots”. Today’s riots are under the guise of “social injustice” against blacks. However there’s much more going on beneath the surface today…

Today’s “situation” is seemingly deeply rooted. In many ways it’s a globalist / Marxist movement against the United States and its culture as it were. And “social injustice” is being used to empower “Black Lives Matter”, “ANTIFA”, into a political / enforcer entity.

Supporters are deeply integrated into our governments, schools, businesses, social media, two generations of youth, on and on… Whereas the 60’s movement(s) didn’t have all that embedded support, correct?

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