SELCO: Pay Attention Because Your “New Normal” Should Be Survival Mode

SELCO: Pay Attention Because Your “New Normal” Should Be Survival Mode by Selco Begovic for The Organic Prepper

In one of the articles a few weeks ago I mentioned stuff about adapting, and I used “boiling the frog” story as an example of how situations that slowly deteriorate can make us lose our sharpness.

We get accustomed to situations, things, or actions, and we have a tendency to portray it over time as normal.

Here are a few more thoughts.

“Nah, it is OK”

In a country where the economic situation was horrible even before this whole coronavirus thing, you do not need some large event to push things in a bad direction, and COVID hit us pretty hard.

Medical staff members have worked in bad conditions from the start of this, in double shifts, without proper equipment, and with the perspective of even more salary cuts because of the worsening economic situation.

At the beginning of all this, if a medical worker got into contact with a positive patient without PPE, he or she would go into self-isolation at home and be tested. As the situation deteriorates more (more medical workers getting sick, fewer tests and equipment) it got to the point where the medical worker (if in contact, without PPE)) does not get tested and does not go into isolation until symptoms show up. So in reality, until getting symptoms he would freely spread the disease to coworkers, family, and patients until he was actually sick.

One more thing is that now medical officials are instructing workers, “Nah, it is nothing, you just continue to work.” In other words, you work or lose the job.

In some cities, there are internal instructions that police workers and medical workers are forbidden to be tested. If they are not tested they are not sick, right?

All this is being performed as a push in order to make the system look like it is still OK so that ordinary people are still able to function. In reality, it is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

And one more thing: all this does not have anything to do with whether you believe in COVID or not or how you think this is all this gonna end up.

It is about the system pushing on and on to look like they’re functioning to the outside world. It is about how all may end up in disaster with the complete destruction of some important services.

Image or illusion is all that is important.

“New Normal” vs. “Normal”

I wrote a lot about adapting to something they’re calling the “new normal”.

New normal means that one day you will wake up in a different world. You will realize that you are living in new world. A new world means new rules. In our case, because we are talking about prepping and survival, it means mostly that from that moment you need to go into survival mode.

Now that does not necessarily mean that you need to go out on streets in full camo with an assault rifle. There are levels of it.

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