This One Image Says It All: Americans Despise The Establishment Media Because They Have Become Activists Rather Than Journalists

This One Image Says It All: Americans Despise The Establishment Media Because They Have Become Activists Rather Than Journalists

– All They Think About And Report Is “Orange Man Bad”

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

As long time ANP readers know, we do not put much stock into polling numbers, but rather use polls to get a handle on patterns and trends.

With that said, the historical pattern for the establishment media aka MSM, has been a steady downward trend since the 1970s.

The media has failed to inform, have offered articles which were outright “fake news,” that had to be corrected, edited, changed and/or deleted many times (mostly by CNN), reported on selectively edited video clips (CNN and Washington Post recently settled with a MAGA teen they defamed and lied about), which provides the evidence for why trust in the establishment media is at rock bottom.

The image below shows that yet again, on a completely different type of reporting, health instead of politics, the liberal establishment media, because of their own activism and bias, has yet again suffered a nosedive in support by the general public.

Again, we are ignoring the actual numbers and just looking at the trend in the graph, where each industry but two, has seen an uptick in the view of Americans, while only two industries in the graph above are in the negative, showing they have lost even more support over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When people are sick and dying, generally the public isn’t so interested in media personalities screeching about blame because “ORANGE MAN BAD.” More are interested in getting straight news rather than opinion reporting, which sadly, straight news hasn’t been reported by the media in years.


As the survey question in the Axios/Harris poll specifically referenced the timeframe of reporting since the coronavirus, we started with that, but this type of pattern is being seen against the establishment media across the board.

The media pretends that the arson, vandalism, and attacks on police are just “mostly peaceful,” protests, while ignoring some of the deadly crimes being committed.

Ask yourself if you heard on any mainstream media source that a black conservative man in Portland, Oregon was stabbed by an Antifa “protester” aka domestic terrorist?

Antifa militant and convicted pedophile Blake David Hampe was arrested in the early hours of Saturday following his stabbing of a black Trump supporter in Portland.

The Trump supporter and conservative, who goes by the name Black Rebel on twitter, posted several updates to his condition from the ambulance and hospital. In the Periscope livestream, he alleged that Hampe had stalked him and his group of friends for several blocks in Portland before stabbing him.

“That knife was long enough. He stabbed me to kill me.”
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Did you hear from the MSM, (local stations excluded) that a reporter from WRDW in Pennsylvania conducted a little experiment over the controversial push by liberals to have a “mail-in” election, with President Trump declaring multiple times that would be ripe for miscounts, fraud and a whole host of issues that could effect the integrity of the presidential election?
The reason you didn’t hear about this experiment from  the national news and huge media outlets is because it proved president Trump’s point.

WRDW in PA., and affiliate of CBS, did report the experiment their reporter conducted, while at the same time other CBS “journalists” were busy claiming that President Trump has no proof that mail-in voting is problematic.

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