Science and Data – The Facts About HCQ and The Treatment of CoronaVirus

Science and Data – The Facts About HCQ and The Treatment of CoronaVirus by Rory for The Daily Coin

Facts, just the facts. You know, the media is always screaming, or they used to scream all the time about “science and data”. They are not doing that so much any more are they? Not so much.

Simply because President Trump endorsed this treatment is no reason for corporate media to allow American citizens to unnecessarily die from a lack of information. People like Bill Gates and Anthony Faucci have interest in high dollar vaccines that may or may not work. The vaccines that are currently being hailed as the greatest thing ever will hit the market largely untested with ZERO liability by the vaccine manufacturers, the vaccine distributors and the vaccine sellers – they will not be held liable in any way if something is found to be wrong with these new vaccines coming online.

Why would I trust someone like Bill Gates who can’t even build a decent piece of software, or Anthony Faucci who has lied, changed his story from the beginning? Why would I trust these people with my life? – WITH MY LIFE. Let that sink in just a minute.

HCQ has been around 60+ years and has a very long history of effectiveness and little to no history of harm. It has little history of treating Wuhan Coronavirus but IT WILL NOT HURT YOU IF IT DOES NOT TREAT THE VIRUS. The new and exciting vaccines could do anything to you because they are completely untested. 30,000 subjects (people) – which is the upcoming test pool – versus 60+ YEARS of use is a no brainer.

At the website listed below there is no blog, there is no opinion, there is nothing added to the information nor is anything left out. It is pure information regarding the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of HCQ as a treatment for Wuhan Coronavirus.

Anyone that ignores this treatment either has an agenda or wants to live in ignorance about this situation.

Below is the link to 53 different links to the actual studies – showing a wide variety of results when using HCQ – the overwhelming results are POSITIVE, not negative or inconclusive.

Global HCQ studies. PrEP, PEP, and early treatment studies show high effectiveness, while late treatment shows mixed results.

Link to studies –



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