With The Greatest Battle Of Our Lives Ahead Of Us, Please Dedicate Your Fight To This Patriot Who Is No Longer With Us: RIP Lloyd Marcus, Creator Of The Music Video ‘Trump Train 2020’

With The Greatest Battle Of Our Lives Ahead Of Us, Please Dedicate Your Fight To This Patriot Who Is No Longer With Us: RIP Lloyd Marcus, Creator Of The Music Video ‘Trump Train 2020’ Story submitted to All News Pipeline by Retired Prosecutor Robert Kirk 

Shocking News: Lloyd Marcus – “The UnHyphenated American” passed suddenly on July 24th. I count myself fortunate to have known and worked with this Godly and Patriotic American.

On the morning of Friday July 24th I received the unbelievable and shocking news from a family member that a friend of mine and that wonderful God fearing patriot – the “Unhyphenated American” Lloyd Marcus, had suddenly died of a “pulmonary embolism” earlier that morning.

J.R. Dunn, writing in American Thinker stated in part as follows regarding Lloyd’s life and work for the conservative cause:

Lloyd worked his way out of a ghetto background under the guidance of his father, the late Rev. Lloyd E. Marcus, a career firefighter and civil rights pioneer. … it was as an outspoken black conservative that Lloyd made his mark. Steadied by his heartfelt Christian convictions, Lloyd found the hard and lonely path of the black Republican to be an overwhelming challenge. Though dismissed and insulted as an “Uncle Tom,” Lloyd never once revealed a sliver of doubt about his convictions. 

The Tea Party movement was Lloyd’s moment. He soon established himself as one of the most energetic and dynamic of all Tea Party activists, appearing at rallies and gatherings across the country. … His last such tour occurred just weeks ago, supporting campaigns by GOP candidates in Nevada and Arizona. He looked forward to yet more campaigning this summer to assure the re-election of Donald Trump.

I first made Lloyd’s acquaintance about two years ago when I started corresponding with Lloyd after being duly impressed with his well-reasoned and highly articulate articles published in American Thinker.

This past January we finally met when Lloyd flew out to California along with his wife Mary and several friends and members of Lloyd’s Deplorable Chorus to film Lloyd’s patriotic and uplifting music video in support of President Trump’s re-election, Trump Train 2020.

Recently I helped Lloyd retain the publicists AJ Rice to promote Lloyd’s Trump Train 2020 music video. In the past week Lloyd had completed over a dozen interviews and AJ had another dozen or so on deck.

Lloyd was scheduled to do another interview at 9:30 a.m. Friday morning, when, at 6:30 a.m. I was copied on the following email from Lloyd:

Hey A J, I spoke with Taylor, the producer and cancelled my interview with Ward today. I am extremely ill; cannot breathe. Mary is driving me to the emergency room. I or Mary will keep you posted. 

Thanks and God bless, Lloyd

It was only a few hours after receiving that email that I was informed of Lloyd’s untimely passing.

Ironically enough, Lloyd called me the day before on July 23rd. I received his voice message which explained that he was “calling just to see how you are doing.”

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