Chris Vermeulen: More Upside Or Prepare For Pullback In Gold & Silver? (Video)

Chris Vermeulen: More Upside Or Prepare For Pullback In Gold & Silver? Video by Silver Doctors

Silver’s still a country mile from all-time record highs, yet gold is testing $1,900, and thankfully, Chris Vermeulen is here to help us sort it all out, including the stock market, the dollar, and a whole lot more…

Chris Vermeulen joined Silver Doctors on Thursday afternoon, July 23rd, for a robust discussion on the major markets, including gold, silver, the miners, the dollar, the stock market, and crude oil.

Some of the things discussed in today’s interview include:

What is Chris seeing in the silver charts?

What is Chris seeing in the gold charts?

Are the miners just as exciting as gold & silver are right now?

What are we to make of the flood of newbie traders into US equities, and is Chris still looking for the stock market to move lower?

What about the US dollar?

What’s going on with crude oil?

What’s on the radar the most as we move through Summer and into Fall?

For robust discussion on all of those topics and a whole lot more, tune-in to the interview in its entirety!

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