Joe diGenova appeared on Washington D.C.’s WMAL and their “Morning on the Mall” on Monday.
DiGenova stated categorically that Justice Department prosecutor, John Durham, will be announcing indictments in the near future and also said that the Dems have made a deal with the devil to in essence destroy the fabric of America in order to take down President Trump.
Show host Mary Walter asks Joe about a recent statement by DOJ spokeswoman, Kerri Kupec.
[insert to “… delighted that it’s happening.”]
Co-host Vince Coglianese then suggests that the report and the indictments happen at the same time.
[insert from “Of course….” To “…¬¬-by John Durham]
Joe’s answer regarding former CIA Director John Brennan is chilling.
[insert from: “No, and in fact….” To “… track record as it is.”
Destructive to the covert operations of the minions of satan, not the voices crying out for a restoration of freedom.
[insert from “… and it may get worse….” To “… Mueller’s work….”]
Let’s just get this straight, Shifty. Bill Barr didn’t have to lift a finger to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It his public testimony before a live nationwide television audience, Mueller disgraced himself by demonstrating that he did not know even the most basic general facts that his report contained. Mueller showed the world that he was a dottering old puppet of the MOS, desperately trying to play out his role, then disappear into permanent obscurity.
[insert from: “It seems as if they are getting….” To “… go with this?”]
Now listen closely to this next 83 seconds, and you may want stop at the next break and rewind this to listen to it again. This is the most concise and accurate portrayal of the ongoing coup d’etat not only against President Trump, but the entire experiment in political freedom that the United States has represented on the stage of the entire world history of nations. This is not just a coup against a president, it’s classic Marxists strategy to bring about a 1984-like totalitarian regime that will be unbreakable, reducing this planet to a level of slavery over the human mind never before even envisioned.
[insert from: “Ya know…” to “persists. Why?”]
Just a note about Washington D.C. media history. WMAL throughout all its history has been a classic middle-of-the-road news organization, tilting a little bit towards the state and the status quo, but always leaving open the possibility that they could have it wrong and so allowing different viewpoints into the discussion. Classic fair play. Now, ho-hum middle of the road, in this environment of the complete debauchery of truth, justice and the American way, sounds like a flaming conservative. That’s how far this leftist coup has moved the political discourse in Washington.
[insert from: “Because they have to…” to end]
Looking for ways to deconstruct society. Folks, this isn’t some minor uprising, this is the work that the world revolution movement has been involved with for 100 years. This is the way they deconstructed Russia into the Soviet Union. This is the way the deconstructed Germany into a Hitleresque dictatorship.
In both cases, it was freedom-loving Americans who came to the rescue of these two nation states to rescue from their totalitarian graves.
And that is the force that brought communism to China and only Trump stands in their way now. As Trump goes, so goes the nation and the world.
So now they know – the minions of satan know – that in order to succeed this time – where they failed twice before – it’s all or nothing. Trump has to be taken down, because only then will the rest of civilization crumble with him.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

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