Silver’s V-Shaped Spot Price Recovery 2020

Silver’s V-Shaped Spot Price Recovery 2020 by jhanders for SDBullion

The recent V-shaped recovery for spot silver price and COMEX silver futures prices is now near completion.

The silver spot price now threatens to again pass $20 an ounce this week.

Now let’s remind ourselves about the last time we saw the spot silver prices crash and then rebound with simultaneous retail and whole silver bullion shortages.

Physical Silver Moving To Higher Levels, While Physical Gold is – Once Again – Above $2,000

Silver’s V-Shaped Spot Price Recovery 2020

It was during the late fall of 2008 during the Global Financial Crisis.

A quick look back to how things played out the last time the silver spot price did a 5X multiple in fiat Federal Reserve note valuation within 30 months of time (e.g. 2008 – 2011).

Back then the spot silver price bottomed with a London silver fix price of $8.88 oz on October 24, 2008.

By late November 2008, QE1 was announced. Silver ran back to the range it was trading in prior to the Global Financial Crisis only to then rocket out of its sub-20 dollar threshold in late summer 2010.

By November of 2010, QE2 was launched and silver ran past $25 oz up to $50 by late April in the following year 2011.

Silver QE Effects

Now, look above at just how much tighter and faster this recent recovery has been for silver prices versus back then.

Between the Federal Reserve’s recently ballooning balance sheet and their melding with the US Treasury to the tune of $4.54 trillion in SPV bailouts using the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) and the  1934 gold reserve act as a pretext.

This silver spot price rebound of 2020 has occurred at more than twice the speed as the reflated QE1 version. In less than half of year’s time, we have witnessed over $7 trillion in viral bailouts ongoing, the scale of this bailout dwarfs QE1&2 combined.

Silver should have plenty of upside fuel once the next breakout finally gets ripping to the upside.

Late last week, Nick Laird, the purveyor of one of the world’s top precious metals price chart websites,, reached out to me by email. And by chance, he confirmed exactly what I had been looking at only a day or so prior late last week.

Gold Price US dollar

The email he sent me was this… a yearly gold price chart covering this full fiat Federal Reserve note currency era now nearly five decades in age. We both agree it conveys tremendous power about this building gold bull.

Now please bear with me below as we foreshadow what is likely ahead for the fiat Fed Note gold price chart by looking at other major fiat currency prices for gold.

Physical Silver Moving To Higher Levels, While Physical Gold is – Once Again – Above $2,000

Starting with the fiat Euro.

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