Never-Trumpers Prepare To Go Scorched Earth

Never-Trumpers Prepare To Go Scorched Earth by Jeff Charles for Liberty Nation

It’s not enough for the Lincoln Project to Dump Trump; others have to go, too.

The airwaves have been rife with suggestions that alleged Republicans will be instrumental in unseating President Donald Trump. The Lincoln Project, an organization pledged to “holding accountable those who would violate their oaths to the Constitution,” is stepping up its efforts to oppose Trump, and it appears its leadership has decided to go scorched earth.

The group, made up of Never-Trump Republicans, is preparing to launch an all-out assault on anyone who even associates with the president. With a sizable sum of money in its coffers, it is poised to do as much damage as possible. But will it be enough?

Never-Trumpers Unite!

Officials working with the Lincoln Project told The Washington Post that they have raised $16.8 million this quarter to help ensure that former Vice President Joe Biden defeats Trump. They are targeting parts of his base, with “particular emphasis on persuading white suburban voters who consider themselves true Republicans to break from the president.”

Led by such famous Never-Trumpers as Rick Wilson, George Conway, and Steve Schmidt, the Lincoln Project recently indicated that it would focus on not only the president but also GOP lawmakers whose seats might be vulnerable. The organization, which previously relied primarily on digital and TV ads, is now building out its ground game.

The Lincoln Project plans to trounce a slew of Senate Republicans to help Democrats gain or hold both chambers of the legislative branch. It is honing in on Sens. Lindsey Graham (SC), Joni Ernst (IA), Susan Collins (ME), and Thom Tillis (NC).

Reactions To The Lincoln Project’s Efforts

The reaction to the Lincoln Project’s purpose is varied. Of course, the left is swooning over the notion that alleged Republicans would push a propaganda campaign against the president and his allies.

Journalist Byron York tweeted that the group also intends to go after Fox News host Tucker Carlson, along with other GOP senators such as Tom Cotton (AR) and Josh Hawley (MO). The organization’s leadership announced, “Our task won’t be finished when Joe Biden takes the oath of office.”

Public policy expert Oren Cass also weighed in, arguing that the Lincoln Project “leads with a moral stand against Trump, but the actual goal is preventing substantive conservative reform.”

Nevertheless, the Lincoln Project insists that it is doing the right thing. Kurt Bardella, the organization’s senior adviser, posted a tweet about Trump that claimed “every day we see proof of the fact that this guy is a racial arsonist and totally corrupt president. This is a fight that we were made to do, he hands us the weapons everyday for this battle.”

The supposed conservatives in the Lincoln Project have aligned themselves with the progressive left. Many in this organization who consider themselves Never-Trumpers are disaffected neocons alienated when the president wrested control from the political establishment.

With Trump’s low polling, could the Lincoln Project pose a threat? Not only does the president face attacks from the left but also from alleged Republicans who wish to see him lose. These are people who want a return to the status quo. But, with a 96% approval rating among Republicans, it seems that Trump still has more than a fighting chance.

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