Trump’s new war: Punishing China for human rights, military aggression and economic harm

Trump’s new war: Punishing China for human rights, military aggression and economic harm By John Solomon for Just the News

From sanctions to slowing U.S. investment, Trump is making China the new evil empire just as the election-year battle for blue collar votes heats up.

Donald Trump, who earlier this year took out Iran’s longtime military chief in a drone strike, is acting like a wartime president again. But this time there isn’t any need for artillery.

Instead, he is moving with a speed and ferocity seldom seen in diplomacy to punish Communist China for its record of human rights, military aggression and economic harm.

The president added two more volleys on Tuesday during a Rose Garden event, this time to protest China’s crackdown on the once autonomous city of Hong Kong, one of the Far East’s economic jewels.

Over the last few months, he has taken nearly a dozen actions ranging from cutting off American investments in Chinese state companies to refusing to acknowledge Beijing has any territorial rights over the South China Sea.

And while primarily security policy issues, Trump and his team have used the diplomatic crusade against China to reeducate Americans about the evils of socialism, communism and human rights abuses that some on the far left have recently embraced.

For some experts, it’s an onslaught that is good for America’s security and good for the president’s re-election standing with blue collar workers and middle-class workers who saw the devastating impact of China’s economic warfare on their jobs and income over the last two decades.

“People have got to turn to and get on top of this and get back to what won in ’16, at least these economic issues,” former Trump strategist Steve Bannon told Just the News recently.

Michael Pillsbury, Hudson Institute scholar and influential outside China adviser to Trump, said the marked increase of pressure by Trump on China — particularly to move critical supply chains back to the United States from Asia — has forced Beijing to show its hand.

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