Robert Mueller Reimagines Special Counsel Findings

Robert Mueller Reimagines Special Counsel Findings by Graham J Noble for Liberty Nation

Robert Mueller, the man assigned to lead the special counsel investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, recently got stoned – or perhaps President Donald Trump stoned him. However one chooses to frame it, Mueller apparently suffered a fit of pique when Trump commuted the 40-month prison sentence of Roger Stone, one of the special counsel’s primary victims.

So slighted was Mueller that he wrote an op-ed for a well-known Washington newspaper to gloat childishly about the fact that Stone remains a convicted felon. That wasn’t Mueller’s only purpose, though. He used the opportunity to reimagine the special counsel findings.

For more than two years, the once-FBI director held his arguably unconstitutional position – spending millions of taxpayer dollars and coming up with almost nothing to show for it. The very fact that this bumbling, forgetful relic was dusted off to lead the most consequential federal investigation in living memory was laughable enough. Even worse, though, is Mueller’s reinterpretation of his team’s final conclusions, laid out in a report that he clearly had neither written nor read.

Deep State Mueller

Before the age of Trump, the “deep state” was unheard of – or, at least, unexposed. Still, if there is anyone who more perfectly represents the deep state, it is Mueller himself. When it was all over, in 2019, he should have done what any dignified person of his standing and experience would do at his time of life, which is go fishing. Instead, he felt the need to jump back into the fray by writing the op-ed for The Washington Post, in which he completely rewrote the discoveries of the very investigation he supposedly headed.

Defending the conviction of longtime Trump associate Roger Stone is not necessarily a difficult thing to do. For his sins, Stone certainly did not deserve to spend three and a half years in prison, but he did lie to Congress. Then again, so does everyone else when it suits them. Congress selectively decides, though, who gets a pass for deceiving its members and who does not. When Trump, on July 10, commuted Stone’s sentence, Mueller decided to defend the scam he for more than two years perpetrated upon the American people.

Following the release of the special counsel report, Mueller was called upon to testify before Congress. That testimony was a complete farce as the special counsel stammered his way through vague answers to various questions if he answered them at all. If he was indeed familiar with the contents of the report, it was not evident.

While justifying Stone’s prosecution, Mueller described the longtime Trump associate as one of the “numerous links” between Russian officials or agents and the Trump campaign. In fact, the special counsel was not able to establish any direct links between the campaign and the Russians. Stone himself only briefly worked on the Trump campaign. The other supposed “links” to which Mueller referred were little more than brief encounters between Russian officials and periphery members of the president’s team. Some of those encounters took place even before the 2016 presidential race, and none were directly related to Trump’s bid for the White House.

Contradicting His Own Report

Yet, Mueller now claims his investigation uncovered these “numerous links,” suggesting that Trump’s people were, indeed, colluding or conspiring with the Russians. This is a bit of shameless revisionist history. From page 144 of the special counsel report:

“As soon as news broke that Trump had been elected president, Russian government officials and prominent Russian businessmen began trying to make inroads into the new Administration. They appeared not to have preexisting contacts and struggled to connect with senior officials around the President-Elect.”

Obviously, if there had been numerous links between the campaign and the Russians, then the statement above would make little sense. Why would the Russians, after the election, find themselves struggling unsuccessfully to create lines of communication with senior Trump officials if they had, during the presidential campaign, already established these links of which Mueller now speaks? Moreover, the statement could not possibly make it any more explicit: “[The Russians] appeared not to have preexisting contacts… “ Thus, no links. Not “numerous links,” and, in fact, not any links at all.

Is It Mueller Time Again?

His humiliation is not quite over yet, since Mueller may soon find himself testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has been granted subpoena power and recently revealed that he wants Mueller to speak with the committee – something for which Democrats have been clamoring for some time.

Sen. Graham is not likely to go easy on Mueller, either. Graham is angry that the entire special counsel farce – as we have since learned – was based upon a conspiracy yarn fabricated by the FBI and one of its human intelligence sources, the Trump-hating former MI-6 agent Christopher Steele.

The more the Russian collusion fable is revisited, the more it unravels and, with it, Mueller’s reputation. Perhaps the former special counsel should consider getting actually stoned before his next testimony.

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