Things Are Going To Get Uglier Sooner Rather Than Later – More Food Shortages Coming On Top Of Ongoing Supply Issues

Things Are Going To Get Uglier Sooner Rather Than Later – More Food Shortages Coming On Top Of Ongoing Supply Issues By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Whether one thinks of COVID-19 as “overhyped,” or a hoax, or a bioweapon, or whatever they think of the pandemic itself,  there is absolutely no doubt that the reactions, or lack thereof, on the parts of many different people or organizations, caused a number of related issues that could have been avoided.

Such as the first round of food shortages we saw and documented with reader images for weeks upon weeks. The same can be said for hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, over-the-counter medications, and so on and so on.


Yesterday we pointed out that “It is not the pandemic that is stripping rights, it is the state leaders’ handling of the pandemic” that is violated constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Let me take that statement further and highlight that almost all of what we are seeing, minus the infections and deaths, are the result of actions or inactions of different groups of people, not the pandemic itself.

For example: Had the media opened their eyes when Independent Media was warning the pandemic would cause a number of issues, unrelated to the pandemic, such as food shortages, and warned their huge audience to calmly stock up, start ordering foods online, build a nice little stockpile early and carefully…. then we would not have seen all those empty shelves from panic shopping.

People panicked because by the time the media finally got around to informing them how bad things could get, the window of opportunity to get the supplies needed for a lockdown was too small.

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(Reader Image from first round of food shortages)

Meat sections became decimated. Store shelves empty of products like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, cold medicines, masks, gloves, frozen foods, flour and other baking staples.

The media also could have prevented many infections and/or deaths, by acknowledging the severity of what was coming well before they did, encouraging gloves, masks, extra food, medications, etc… and without any “forced mandates,” many would have taken responsible precautions all by themselves.

The same can be said for the economic issues that the shutdowns of states ordered by Governors caused. Had precautions started being made when we first saw people in China dropping like flies and knew it would become a pandemic, then states would not had to have to shut down because they could have instead carefully prepared for what was coming.

They willfully kept their eyes closed until it was to late.

Now we have states setting up hotlines to snitch on people not wearing masks. We have businesses reopening with co-workers fighting over masks, cubicle barriers and Lysol.

The one silver lining is that many people were forced to learn to cook their own food, bake their own breads as the situation and the reactions to it, changed what and the way many people started eating.

According to Forbes:

• ‘Old-fashioned’ foods have become all the rage

• People have been baking

• Online food sales have skyrocketed

• People bought more, less frequently and at more unusual times

• People have bought longer-life products

• People have bought locally, consciously and focused on health

The change in the food supply chain has also led to more wasted food however.

As restaurants and bars shut, producers turned towards supermarkets to sell the entirety of fresh produce. However, the lack of established ways to transport and package goods has led to food waste.


Now we are seeing an increasing amount of chatter among news outlets and personalities regarding a “second wave,” and warning of re-closing states, forcing more business closures of people that barely survived the last lockdown.

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