Illegals Crime Report: Child Sex Trafficking Ring Busted

Illegals Crime Report: Child Sex Trafficking Ring Busted by Kelli Ballard for Liberty Nation

Child Sex Trafficking Ring Busted

Cornejo Hernandez (left), Mendieta (middle), and Sibrian (right)

A 14-year-old girl was rescued from a sex trafficking ring after posting a message to her mother on Facebook, saying, “I don’t want to be here anymore.” Two days later, authorities removed her and arrested three men. Dimas Omar Cornejo Hernandez, 34, also known as “Adonys”; Franklin Rivera Mendieta, 25, or “Mono”; and Josue Sibrian-Sanchez, 33, or “Sibrian,” were the ringleaders of the operation. Law enforcement also discovered another victim, 18, and arrested five others who had sex with at least one of the teenagers: Diana Ordonez, 25; Luis Cabrera Peralta, 29; Nestor Ruiz, 45; Juan Humberto Ortiz Ortiz, 35; and Carlos Villatoro Gallegos, 23. All except Mendieta are being held in Chester County Prison in Pennsylvania on ICE detainers.

The young teenager said she had been raped four or five times a day for weeks and the other victim said she had suffered the same fate until she had escaped. Both were threatened with loss of life and the lives of their families if they told anyone what was happening.

The 14-year-old said she had met a girl named “Tiny” at a party who, later, during a Snapchat conversation, asked her if she wanted to make money. Authorities later identified Tiny as another victim, a 17-year-old from Camden. The youngster was taken to an apartment in Malvern where she was “forced to perform oral sex on one of the codefendants as a means of ‘breaking’ and ‘testing’ her for the work she would be required to perform.” They took pictures of the young victim and took her to Walmart to buy “sexy clothes,” she told law enforcement.

The 18-year-old described much the same experience, adding that she was raped by multiple people while one of the men stood at the door collecting money from her assailants. She said she was “threatened with bodily harm if she attempted to leave,” and “forced to ingest drugs on various occasions.” She was able to escape after about three weeks.

“The allegations in this case are difficult to digest because of the calculated and deviant sexual exploitation of the two victims,” Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan said in a statement.

North Carolinians For Immigration Reform And Enforcement (NCFIRE)

June 2020

Each month, the North Carolina organization NCFIRE posts a list of sexual crimes committed against children by illegal immigrants. The numbers are staggering – especially considering that they’re just for one state. Take a look at the last four months’ statistics.

March 2020

  • 22 illegal immigrants were arrested.
  • 145 charges of child rape and sexual abuse.

April 2020

  • 15 illegal immigrants were arrested.
  • 29 charges of child rape and sexual abuse.

May 2020

  • 23 illegal immigrants were arrested.
  • 70 charges of child rape and sexual abuse.

June 2020

  • 22 illegal immigrants were arrested.
  • 238 charges of child rape and sexual abuse.

This barely represents a drop in the bucket of just how many children are being sexually abused nationwide by people who shouldn’t have been here to begin with.

Sanctuary cities and states are only making it easier for predators to remain in the country as they prey on children.

Tune in next week for more on the Illegals Crime Report.

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