‘Airborne’ By Matt Margolis Is the Definitive Guide to the Media’s COVID-19 Malfeasance and Malpractice

‘Airborne’ By Matt Margolis Is the Definitive Guide to the Media’s COVID-19 Malfeasance and Malpractice BY STACEY LENNOX for PJ Media

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The COVID-19 pandemic has given the corporate media an unparalleled opportunity to show Americans that they are little more than partisan activists. The daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings were a stunning display of the media’s childish and partisan behavior. They appeared neither serious nor smart, and American’s trust in the press continued to tumble. In Airborne,author Matt Margolis details some of their most egregious distortions, misfires, and outright lies during the pandemic.


As the election nears, it is a near certainty that the media will resurface the pandemic response to try and damage President Trump. As noted in the book’s introduction, the COVID-19 response will be weaponized this cycle in the same way Hurricane Katrina was weaponized against George W. Bush. In both cases, the response was robust and appropriate. Yet the corporate media will spin a narrative not remotely related to the reality of the situation.

In Airborne, Margolis gives the president’s supporters a complete guide to combatting COVID-19 lies. The news cycle moves so quickly that the full list of dirty deeds by the corporate talking heads is challenging to recall. Many highlighted in the book are astonishing in their boldness.

One that is particularly disturbing is the media’s assault on President Trump expressing hope about the potential of treatment with the drug hydroxychloroquine. Having researched this medication extensively, this has been one of the most irritating examples of political reporters overestimating their intelligence. Basic internet searches could have informed them about why this medication was even under investigation.

Margolis details the media’s malfeasance on this topic entirely. Everything from blaming President Trump for a woman giving her husband fish tank cleaner, to flouting completely flawed studies. Perhaps their biggest lie was the incidence of deadly side effects in using the medication. In encouraging people to fear taking the drug, the media meatheads may have hurt people. Their rhetoric was astounding, given millions of people take the medication daily for other illnesses.

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