Biden Trashes Cops, Omar Trashes America, and Economy Trashes Itself

Biden Trashes Cops, Omar Trashes America, and Economy Trashes Itself By Greg Hunter’s

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is trashing the police again. He said in an interview this week that because of militarized police forces around the country, the police have “become the enemy.” Biden and his party continue to run on the idea that the police need to be defunded, even though the majority of Americans do not want to defund the police.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar continues to trash the country that saved her from a Somali refugee camp. In a recent speech, Omar said she wants to “dismantle the whole system of oppression” in the United States. She wants to bring in a new system and has no problem trashing the system that saved her. This is an increasing theme in the Democrat Party that has basically become communist and Marxist and despises America and what it stands for.

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After the Interview:

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp will be the guest for the early Sunday Release. He talks about the coming violence from the Left that will continue to increase.

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