It’s been quite some time since we’ve had any stories about the ongoing debate about GMOs, but M.W. found and shared this article (thank you!) and I have to talk about it, because it raises once again a disturbing trend in modern society that I’ve talked about before, but only in a round-about way. Today I want to address it more directly (hopefully), because there’s something in this article that fell on me like an Acme anvil in a Road Runner cartoon. Here’s the article:

Glyphosate Girl on the Bayer Roundup/cancer settlement

Here’s the central point of the matter: Bayer, whom we less-than-respectfully refer to on this site as I.G. Farbensanto, apparently bought more than just Monsanto’s GMO patents and seeds; it also bought Monsanto’s “business model” and “playbook,” not that Bayer needed any instruction on ethically questionable  business practices. But hey, the Trafficantes might learn a trick or two from the Gambinos if the two families merged. IN this case, Bayer has employed the Monsanto-Agent Orange model to buy its way out of a multitude of lawsuits:

$10.9 Billion of Bayer’s capital will be forked over to resolve the Roundup-NHL litigation, but Bayer admits no wrongdoing. There will be no warning labels. $8.8-9.6 Billion will cover current cases, except Johnson, Hardeman and Pilliod, which will continue through an appeals process.

In something of a surprise, $1.25 Billion will be set aside for a separate class agreement aimed to address potential future litigation and provide medical outreach for underserved communities to detect and treat NHL that MAY have been caused by Roundup. The attorneys involved in the class action are different than the core Plaintiff attorneys who originally worked for years on the litigation (Baum Hedlund, Miller Group, etc). The original attorneys could not be pleased with this tag-on settlement term.

So one might wonder, who will decide a verdict on this class action lawsuit? Who will ultimately determine if Roundup causes cancer or not? (A reminder: It is overwhelmingly clear that it does.)

And wow, it gets juicy in the worst of ways. The class action component appears to totally undermine the original work performed in the first three trials. The determination of who wins that class action battle will no longer come from a jury, but rather a “Science Panel”.

On a press release, Bayer writes:

“Both the class and company will be bound by the Science Panel’s determination on this question of general causation, taking this decision out of the jury trial setting and putting it back in the hands of expert scientists. If the Class Science Panel determines that a causal connection between Roundup™ and NHL is not established, class members will be barred from claiming otherwise in any future litigation against the company.”


Remember, thanks to the diligent work of the attorneys and plaintiffs in all of the trials leading up to this moment, the general causality was ALREADY SETTLED in court THREE TIMES. (Italicized emphasis added)

And how convenient, too, that everyone’s attention is focused on the Fauci-Lieber-Wuhan-Baal Gates virus-and-“vaccine” scam/plandemic. But wait, there’s more, because it’s not entirely clear how that “independent panel” will be selected:

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