Bob Moriarty: We Are In Never Neverland

Bob Moriarty: We Are In Never Neverland from Energy and Gold

The year 2020 is the gift that just keeps on giving. Just when we think things can only get calmer, we have a border confrontation between China and India. In addition, COVID-19 appears to be accelerating in certain parts of the world. Meanwhile, the stock market couldn’t care less about either China/India or the virus. In this month’s conversation with 321gold founder Bob Moriarty we discuss the virus, why there won’t be an election in the US this year, the dichotomy between the employment situation and the stock market, and finally the junior mining bull market….


Goldfinger: I remember you telling me at the end of 2019 and early this year you said, “I don’t think there’s going to be an election.” I said, “What do you mean? How could there not be an election?” Obviously, there’s a few ways that could happen and some are theorizing … Well, two things. There’s two theories. That Trump will either not run again when he’s clear he’s going to lose and blame it on something. You know, lots of different things he could blame it on. Or he’s going to try to rig the election with voter suppression. What are your thoughts on those two ideas?

Bob Moriarty: I don’t think either is valid but let’s go back to COVID for a minute. In two of the books that I’ve written, I try to get people to think because it’s important. It’s very important to understand that there are some things you can figure out the truth of by yourself with nothing more than logic. Okay? That’s a little hard to believe but I’m going to give you a perfect example. How would it be possible for a country with 5% of the world’s population to have 30% of the world’s virus? How is that possible?

Goldfinger: I guess it’s possible a couple ways, different responses to the virus, and also more testing for the virus.

Bob Moriarty: Well, strangely enough, I think you’re half right. First of all, yeah, it’s possible if there was something significantly different about how that country is approaching it and the fact is that’s not true. There have been a wide range of ways to approach it and, strangely enough, the results are almost the same whether you’ve locked down or not locked down, whether you’ve tested or not tested but you hit on something very important on the testing.

The testing numbers are absolute total horse shit. There is no way that those numbers are accurate because what they’re really testing for is any coronavirus and a cold is a coronavirus. Okay? The United States has put itself and painted itself into this incredible corner where literally we’ve become a pariah of the world because of the numbers but the numbers are bullshit.

What we’ve done is tested everybody for the flu, everybody for the cold, and everybody for the virus and said, “Oh, it’s 50 times worse than anybody else” and it’s bullshit. If you look at the number of deaths from the virus and those are already admittedly overstated. If you have blood alcohol content of 5.5 and would die after a blood alcohol content of 3.0 and you die, we call it coronavirus. If you’ve been shot to death we call it coronavirus. If you’re a 22 week preemie we call it a coronavirus.

A city councilman in San Diego went through the numbers and in San Diego of 200 reported corona deaths, he could only verify six. What’s happened is literally, Europe said, “We don’t want Americans.” Okay? This is really totally insane. If someone was deliberately trying to create a worldwide depression they would be absolutely succeeding.

We are not going to have an election. There won’t be an election. The crazies will take over or Donald Trump will say it’s just too dangerous to do, too many people would get the virus.

Goldfinger: Wouldn’t that be kind of ironic if Donald Trump was the one who said it’s too dangerous to do?

Bob Moriarty: Somebody’s doing it. Okay? Do not try to convince me this is some kind of accident. This is not an accident. Somebody’s behind this. Somebody’s behind ANTIFA. Somebody’s behind the riots. The WHO and the CDC and Fauci and Bill Gates have been caught wrong so many times it’s absurd yet Twitter and Instagram and Facebook will censor you, will obliterate you if you say anything different.

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