A Night at Mt. Rushmore

A Night at Mt. Rushmore By Clarice Feldman for American Thinker

Friday’s celebration at Mount Rushmore reminded me of Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain” where after a wild witches’ sabbath, church bells ring, the sun comes out and the witches vanish. For weeks now we’ve watched the Antifa-BLM-just plain thugs and looters’ witches’ sabbath — rampaging through our streets, defacing and destroying treasured memorials, looting, shooting, beating innocents and murdering them. Not a single Democrat leader has condemned these things, choosing instead to pretend these are peaceful protests against police brutality. Every four years they gin up some incident to create the impression that this is a racist society that requires radical reformation and conservatives are to blame.

The media once again played along, hiding the faces of those arrested for the mayhem, downplaying the destruction of lives and property and foolishly finding racism everywhere, though this is the least racist society of any major nation on earth, a nation that sacrificed hundreds of thousands of men and impoverished many to free the slaves. The mobs march with anti-Israelis in support of Palestinians, never mentioning that slavery is a thousands-year-old scourge which still exists in parts of Africa and Arab lands and nowhere in Israel or the Western world. Slavery is, in fact, a natural end point of identity based tribal cultures, which the Democrats historically seem never to apprehend or condemn. Supporting these atavistic morons is not the approach of winners. It is the tactic of a party falling apart at the seams and grasping for any vote, despite what the ginned-up media polls report.

It’s hard to pick the dumbest example of the media racist hornswoggle, but I hand it this week to ABC. That network reported “America’s national parks face existential crisis over race.” The charge was based on a survey, which showed 77% of park visitors are white. With one of his usual, brief but effective backhands, Don Surber responds, “76.3% of the nation is white.”

Why such a stupid claim? Because the President announced he was going to celebrate the Fourth of July at Mt. Rushmore, one of America’s most treasured national parks.  Over at Instapundit, Ed Driscoll reviews how the media treated Democratic Presidents and contenders at this park, a traditional pre-election visit:

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