Doug Casey on the Consequences of COVID-19

Doug Casey on the Consequences of COVID-19 by  for Casey Research

Daily Dispatch: Doug, you’ve talked about the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus and what effect it will have on the economy. Following up on that, how does that all play out politically? After all, it is an election year.

Doug Casey: The political consequences of this are going to be very interesting. Will Trump be re-elected in the midst of all of this? Well, if the Democrats are stupid enough to run the corrupt, senile, and clearly somewhat demented Biden, I think Trump could win. But no guarantees in the middle of a world-class crisis.

I’ll make a guess: The Democrats are going to exchange Biden for somebody that’s younger, smarter, and more dynamic. Not one of those embarrassing nobodies we saw on the stage a few months ago, though. I think they’ll pick someone much more dangerous. A terrible human being, actually. Maybe even worse than Hillary. That would be Cuomo, the governor of New York.

And if he runs against Trump in the midst of a crisis in November – and the crisis will be worse, not better, come November – then we’re really in for some trouble. For all I know, he could make AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] his number one counselor.

Daily Dispatch: Yeah. So, just on the political side of things – or rather, the social side of things: When this news started coming out of China, the mainstream media noted how the Chinese were painting marks on the sidewalks, and how they were telling people not to go anywhere, and they were locking them up and telling them not to go out.

At the time, the Western media was saying, “Oh, that could never happen here, because our people wouldn’t stand for it, we value our freedom too much.” Yet, that did happen.

Not only that, but look at how quickly everyone rolled over to this whole idea of closing down businesses and people locking themselves up at home. Now they’re also cheering for it. They’re snitching on their neighbors for going out to get a newspaper, or going out for a walk.

I assume none of that surprises you whatsoever, how quickly the population accepts that kind of thing.

Doug Casey: Not only does it not surprise me, I rather expect it.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say we won’t be able to have this conversation in a year or two, because it would be deemed unpatriotic, or tending to diminish the public’s confidence in our institutions.

And of course, they have a point, because our institutions are now so weak that they rest on nothing but confidence. Which is not a very solid foundation, because confidence can blow away like a pile of feathers in a hurricane. Which is exactly what’s likely to happen.

Look at what happened to Russia as it turned into the Soviet Union, Germany as it turned into National Socialist Germany, and lots of other countries. It’s pretty easy to turn a country into a police state. Most people don’t want to get in trouble. They want to keep their heads down.

Americans have gotten used to taking orders, and they’re happy to “see something, say something.” The police, and especially the military, do what they’re told. People like a strong leader – that’s why Trump is popular. In fact, the worse conditions get, the more people absolutely demand a strong leader.

The US is well on the way to being a police state, and the people will want a strong leader to straighten things out, kiss everything and make it better. But strong leaders are poison to freedom. I’ll give odds that at least one party puts up a general in 2024, because the military is about the only institution Americans still trust. That’s really scary – the Pentagon is really just a multitrillion-dollar version of the Post Office in many ways.

Western civilization has been moving downhill since 1914, and that downtrend is going hyperbolic at this point. I don’t know where it’s going to end except to say it’s going to end badly. It’s not going to magically get better because the foundations of our culture have rotted. After this hysteria dies down, the US, and for that matter the world, but particularly the US, will have changed permanently, much the way it did after 9/11. Much for the worse.

This is much more serious than 9/11 in its social and economic implications. And its political implications, which we will see before the year is out.

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