As these crises around the globe increase and we are supposed to be focusing on fear, more and more people ask the question “what is YOUR solution.” My solution is simple and it’s the one I’ve always suggested: wake up, realize no one has power over you, and leave the system.

“The truth is powerful, and can only be suppressed for so long, and then the truth gets out,” says Max Igan. As I’ve said, it’s a war for your mind (your soul, your spirit etc.) and who gets power over it.  Igan, who is a researcher and film creator has been warning ofthe control structures on the planet for several years now. Once you figure out the system is simply about enslavement you will take every step to leave it behind.

The solution is also literally that simple. No other human (including those with badges or who were voted for) has any rights you don’t have, so it’s time to realize that and stand in your own power. That’s the truth, and “when the truth gets out, a power is created that is greater than the power of guns and the money that a government possesses,” says Igan. “People are waking up to the reality of what government really is…at least they are waking up to the fact that they’ve been played.” We are on a mission to free mankind from “the clutches of this…slavery system that we’re all subject to.”

“And all the people that are looking for solutions or looking for a way out of this system…all the people that keep demanding someone supply them with an answer. they need to look a little deeper and realize that they are the answer and that they are not seeing this because very often, they are missing a basic understanding, that basic knowledge that this is a spiritual battle more than anything.”

And why does everyone seem to need or want a solution from someone else anyway? Aren’t you a human too? Can’t you think about these things? I get it. Being stuck in the system “the Matrix” if you will, makes it tough to escape, but once you realize that you can is the first step. Then once you do and you’re free, the system will begin to deteriorate.

I’m not the only person suggesting this. Max Igan understands it as well:

The only thing that holds the system up is our willingness to comply with all of this rubbish. Many have been saying the only way out is to wake up and stop complying.  It’s all an illusion that erodes when we realize we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones who need to break our own chains that keep us dependent on the violence and tyranny of governments and ruling classes.  Luckily, the technology is there to at least take a small step.

I have suggested cutting ties with the most oppression slavery system, the central banks, by owning gold, silver, or cryptocurrency, but people often shut down the second they have to apply any critical thinking on their own, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency (which not the same as a centralized digital currency per se). Hopefully, this will help you understand if you have any questions:

I’m not suggesting Bitcoin as a “get rich scheme,” but as a way to leave the system. It’s not good or bad, it’s simply a new way of conducting transactions outside the control and enslavement of the central banks, and that’s why they hate it so much.  If you don’t want any crypto, don’t get any. It isn’t that difficult of a concept. But it can be used in beneficial ways outside central banking, such as to buy physical gold. So it has its place for some people outside the centralized banking system.

The most important thing to realize is that any solution can found within you.  Wake up to the illusion of government and control and realize that this spiritual battle will only end when you say it does. Society and the system itself rests on the hopee you never realize how powerful you actually are.

What good is a lifetime politician, that’s been a politician for 40 years, that’s made all this money off of taxpayer money (theft) and insider investing…what good are they if we realize we can create a better world without them? It renders them useless. Now, what good are the people that are behind the scenes, pulling the strings on those types of puppets, and we don’t even know who they are, and they hide in the shadows, what good are they? NONE! And that’s why there’s a vested interest in censorship and control of any information that uplifts and changes the thought patterns of too many people.” –Jake Duecy

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