Why You Need REAL MONEY Like Never Before and How to Avoid One HUGE Mistake… Stefan Gleason (Podcast)

Why You Need REAL MONEY Like Never Before and How to Avoid One HUGE Mistake… Stefan Gleason (Podcast)

Well now, without further delay, let’s get to this week’s featured interview between Money Metals president Stefan Gleason and Pete Fetig during a recent summit on all things precious metals.

Stefan Gleason

Stefan Gleason: You want be careful about who you are doing business with, you want to do a little research. Probably start small with that dealer and see how it goes. See how the service is. See how the delivery is. Another place to acquire precious metals would be from a local dealer. Money Metals Exchange is a national dealer. There is other several other good national dealers.

Local dealers are a little bit more sort of unknown. Some are very good. Some are not. One of the problems though buying locally is that you are often faced with sales taxes. Many states, I think it is about 20 states, actually force dealers who sell inside of their states to collect sales taxes, which are significant. Especially, when you consider that an ounce of gold might cost 5, 6, 7% over spot. Well if you add a 7% sale sales tax to that, that’s a huge, huge markup in the context of the numbers you normally see in precious metals. So that is a disadvantage that many local dealers have when compared to a national dealer. But the advantage perhaps, especially if you are very nervous about dealing with somebody from a long distance, is that presumably you can walk out that day with your metals after having paid, instead of having to wait a couple days in the mail for it to arrive. On the other hand, they may not be as well-equipped locally to detect fakes, which are not a big problem, but they are out there. And there may less of an education component involved, but look at your options. Obviously, our customers are buying from us. Many of them bought locally and then changed to us.

Pete Fetig: That is a really interesting observation with the sales tax. When you think about it, you are actually exchanging one form of currency for real money. You are not buying anything. You are not selling. You are exchanging.

Stefan Gleason: Right. That is an extremely concerning subject. As you pointed out, you are changing one form of money, paper U.S. dollars or coins for another form of money that is recognized by our Constitution as money. Article 1 section 10 of the Constitution sets up gold and silver as the only money that is supposed to be accepted in the States. We have also obviously got away from that. The idea that you would have to pay sales taxes as though it some sort of good as opposed to money. Could imagine if you went to the bank and had to pay sales tax to break a $10 bill into a roll of quarters? I mean that is basically the equivalent. Gold and silver is disfavored by the sales tax laws in many states. And then at the federal level, you have to pay capital gains taxes when your gold and silver goes up in dollar terms, but it may not have really gone up in the context of purchasing power. What happened was the dollar went down. So it’s kind of an example of the inflation tax. You are being taxed essentially through the capital gains tax on the inflation that the government is creating.

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