CDC Has Become Centers for the Destruction of Childhood

CDC Has Become Centers for the Destruction of Childhood by Robert M. Sauer  for American Institute for Economic Research

COVID-19 has given rise to a new state-run religion: mandatory social distancing. The architects of this new religion are infectious disease experts, most notably, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more commonly known as the CDC. The CDC failed to prevent and control COVID-19, and thus, is largely responsible for the single greatest government failure of all time.

The CDC’s response to its own failure has been to develop “guidelines.” Although these guidelines are not technically regulations, they have been treated by most public institutions and private organizations as mandates. As a result, almost all organizations are complying with them. Those who do not comply are likely to be subject to lawsuits and public shaming on the part of the media and social distancing snitches.

The CDC guidelines constitute a series of “non-pharmaceutical interventions” that autocratic, virtue-signaling politicians have eagerly exploited to implement extreme forms of social distancing. In particular, two unprecedented and massively destructive physical distancing policies were implemented: (1) quarantining an entire population (i.e., “stay-at-home” orders), and (2) shutting down entire industries and significantly altering the operations of other industries that were “permitted” to continue to operate. This includes educational establishments, such as day care facilities, primary and secondary schools, and religious institutions, which provide important educational and recreational services for children.

The end result is that thanks to the CDC, our children have been out of school since March, so that they can serve as unwitting subjects in a grand, unethical social experiment. This experiment was designed by those responsible for the government failure: infectious disease experts. We consider the experiment to be unethical because there has been no informed consent, either from parents, children, or even our legislative representatives. The bottom line is that our children’s future and the quality of their lives have been sacrificed to conduct this experiment.

School closures, stay-at-home orders, and shutdowns have been especially hard for two types of children: (1) those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, who often live in cramped conditions in blighted neighborhoods and are victims of the “digital divide,” and (2) autistic children and other special needs kids. For many poor kids, schools, public libraries, and public park facilities constitute a welcome refuge from the turmoil, chaos, and potential abuse that may experience at home. Stay-at-home orders for such children severely limit their much-needed access to these facilities, as well as social services, counselling, and extracurricular activities. It also makes them much more vulnerable to recruitment by gangs and organized crime, since summer job opportunities are now extremely limited.

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