Steve St. Angelo: Silver From Commodity To Money In Coming Economic & Energy Crises (Video)

Steve St. Angelo: Silver From Commodity To Money In Coming Economic & Energy Crises Video by SRSrocco Report

Investment in physical silver is about to overwhelm the markets, and investors will come to learn there’s not really all that much silver in the world. Why are people about to overwhelm the silver market, and what happens next? Steve St. Angelo explains…

Steve St. Angelo joined Silver Doctors today for a robust discussion on silver, the energy sector, the coming economic collapse, and a whole lot more.

Some of the topics in today’s discussion include:

Why should gold & silver investors be concerned about what’s going on in the energy sector?

Gold & Silver have value in their energy equivalents? What value do Federal Reserve Notes (US dollars) have?

Is the US energy independent, and what is coming for the US oil industry?

Silver mine production collapsed in Peru in April, and Mexico’s production numbers aren’t out yet, but those numbers could even be worse. Why is this of concern, and what does it mean for the silver investor?

There’s about the same amount of identifiable above-ground silver in the world as there is gold?

What are Steve’s thoughts on the mining industry as far as investments go?

How could the next six months to a year play out for the economy on Main Street?

The world is becoming more local and less global?

Isn’t there all this untapped oil in Alaska that we can use to keep the system going for just a little while longer, and what about alternative forms of energy?

What does Steve have to say about the manipulation of gold & silver?

What’s on Steve’s radar as we move from Summer into Fall?

For robust discussion on all of those topics and a whole lot more, tune-in to the interview in its entirety!

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