What Lunatic Is Running This Floyd Hoax Madhouse? My Bet: the DNC

What Lunatic Is Running This Floyd Hoax Madhouse? My Bet: the DNC by  for UNZ Review

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My June 1 phone call with a Leftist relative revealed just how powerful is what Steve Sailer calls the Megaphone—the Main Stream Media when it acts in unison. My relative, whom I will call MR, really believes that Antifa is a fiction, that “Trump made it up,” and that the riots are not the work of Antifa and its Black Lives Matter allies, but instead are a “white-supremacist” false-flag operation. That’s the exactly the narrative the Mainstream Media has been blaring. But who came up with the script?

MR described a recent march from Barclays Center basketball arena, where the Nets play, down Eastern Parkway to MR’s neighborhood. MR said that a white man in the lead, exhorting the marchers to riot.

MR also recalled marching with blacks after the 2014 death of Gentle Giant Eric Garner, who had, like Gentle Giant George Floyd, resisted arrest. There, too, MR averred, a white man sought to get the crowd to smash the windows at a bank. But the black marchers restrained him.

Of course, MR has no proof these men were anything other than white Leftists

But his belief in the white-supremacist fairy tale comports with a dispatch at Just Security, a publication based at the Reiss Center on Law and Security at New York University School of Law. On May 30, guest writer Mia Bloom [Tweet her] claimed video from the riots “challenge our beliefs about who is really protesting and for what reason.” The attack on CNN on May 29, for instance, was likely the work of “right wing extremists and accelerationists:”

The demographics of a largely white, young, and destructive group fit more with a movement known as accelerationists than Black Lives Matter. The accelerationists, if you have never heard the term, are an extreme subset of white nationalism whose goal is to bring about chaos and destruction.

[Far-Right Infiltrators and Agitators in George Floyd Protests: Indicators of White Supremacists].

Two days later, The Nation offered a similar assessment with purported documents from the FBI, which supposedly had zero intelligence that Antifa was behind the Floyd-Hoax riots on May 31 [The FBI Finds ‘No Intel Indicating Antifa Involvement’ in Sunday’s Violence, by Ken Klippenstein, June 2, 2020]. Instead, Klippenstein reported, the FBI was fretting about a “far-right social group [that]called for far-right provocateurs to attack federal agents, use automatic weapons against protesters.”

Of course, that was May 31. What about the riots, arson, looting, and vandalism since then? Are “far-right provocateurs” responsible for those, too. For toppled statues? Murdered cops? Blocking highways and trying to murder motorists?

One video after another has clearly shown blacks’ operating freely and independently as they invaded, wrecked, and torched stores.

Forget all that, Buzzfeed tells us, because Antifa’s just a figment of our imagination: How The Antifa Fantasy Spread In Small Towns Across The US, by Anne Helen Peterson, June 9, 2020].

But, despite MR’s credulity and what the Ruling-Class elitists at Just Security would have us believe, Antifa is real. It is not a group of earnest, if misguided and sometimes overzealous youngsters, who simply want peace and justice and occasionally go a little too far. It’s a communist goon squad modeled on Antifaschistische Aktion, itself a communist front that supposedly opposed the Nazi takeover of Germany in the early 1930s. Antifa’s flag is nearly identical to that of its predecessor, a look that signals the group’s intent and guiding ideology.

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