Left Policies Are Failing Black Business & Black Kids | Burgess Owens (Video)

Left Policies Are Failing Black Business & Black Kids | Burgess Owens Video by The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Burgess Owens (Former NFL Player & Candidate for Congress) about racism in the NFL, failing black schools and the dying black middle class. Burgess Owens discusses how liberal and socialist ideas have infected the black education system for decades. These failing schools teach kids to hate free markets, the main factor in creating the wealth and prosperity that Americans have enjoyed. Teaching kids to hate free markets has resulted in low levels of entrepreneurship in the black community. The lower numbers of black businesses leads to a collapsing black middle class.

Burgess shares what the black community needs to do to reverse this, support black business, and rebuild the black middle class. Burgess also discusses the racism he experienced as a child, but also as one of the first black football players in the NFL. He describes how conditions have changed significantly for black football players since his rookie year in 1973 and whether or not racism is still a part of the NFL. Burgess also discusses how failing schools and liberal policies keep African Americans ignorant and hopeless. He blames the leftist policies in black schools for the 75% of young black boys in California that can’t pass the state reading requirements. Burgess shares how he feels black communities have been taught to be victims and used by the left for political means and what can be done to reverse it.


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