David Morgan: Silver Supply Crashed in Shutdowns, Investment Remains Robust (Podcast)

David Morgan: Silver Supply Crashed in Shutdowns, Investment Remains Robust Podcast by Mike Gleason for Money Metals

Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to welcome back our good friend David Morgan of The Morgan Report. David, we appreciate the time, great to have you on again and how are you?

David Morgan: Mike, I am well under the circumstances and actually, I’m feeling pretty good today. Thanks for having me on. It’s always fun to be with you.

Mike Gleason: Yeah, certainly great to have you back. Well David, let’s start with the big picture here and ask to hear your thoughts and get your take on what’s going on in the world today. Since we last spoke earlier this year, we’ve now got a full-fledged global pandemic, social unrest, massive unemployment and huge amounts of government stimulus and money printing to try to combat that, a movement now to defund police departments… a widely covered autonomous zone in your home state there, that has come about in response to this. Certainly lots going on in the world, to say the least. So comment on what you’re seeing and then where you see this all going, David. Let’s start there.

David Morgan: Well, you outlined it well and summarized just about everything. I’ll just add on that one, we really don’t know the ultimate outcome. Obviously, the trend change has taken place. It’s part of what I call the reset. Overused word, but the reset is a reset, not only in the financial system, but a reset of probably the pricing of almost everything… real estate, commercial real estate, food, communications, you name it down the line.

Obviously, the supply disruptions through this pandemic thing has been substantial and it will not come back to 100%. So, there’s going to be a general contraction in the economy. They’re still in debate whether or not it’s going to be pushed more toward globalization or global interaction versus the other, which is more localized… local food production, more localized government, et cetera. It’s that direction I’m almost certain, not that the globalist won’t push really hard for implementing their plan as much as they can. But I think the physical economy has broken up to such a level that they really can’t put it back together.

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