FBI Uses Social Media, Etsy And A Tattoo To Track Down Woman Accused Of Torching Cop Cars

FBI Uses Social Media, Etsy And A Tattoo To Track Down Woman Accused Of Torching Cop Cars from Zero Hedge

TDC Note – This is classic – get woke, go broke. More tattoos please!!


The FBI used social media, an Etsy review, and photos from the scene of a May 30 protest in downtown Philadelphia to track down and arrest 33-year-old massage therapist Elisabeth Blumethal, who allegedly set fire to two Philadelphia police cars during the George Floyd protests.

During the violent episodes that began around City Hall that afternoon, Blumenthal allegedly set fire to both vehicles. According to the complaint, various videos taken at the scene captured the defendant wearing protective goggles and gloves, taking a flaming piece of wooden police barricade from the rear window of the PPD sedan that was already on fire, and then shoving the flaming wood into the PPD SUV that was not on fire. Within minutes, the PPD SUV was also completely engulfed in flames. As result of the fires, both PPD vehicles were destroyed. –Justice.gov

If convicted, 33-year-old Elisabeth Blumethal faces up to 80 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000.

Here’s how the FBI tracked her down, according to an affidavit signed by one of the FBI agents involved in the investigation.

(via VICE):

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The agents were able to find a few Instagram pictures of the incident (seen above), and then obtained more than 500 photos from an amateur photographer who was at the protests that day. One of the pictures showed the writing on the woman’s t-shirt: “KEEP THE IMMIGRANTS, DEPORT THE RACISTS,” the FBI agent explained in his affidavit.

As it turned out, that was a custom made t-shirt sold on Etsy.

The FBI agents saw that an Etsy user named Xx Mv, whose personal Etsy URL was “alleycatlore,” which described herself as living in Philadelphia, had posted a review after apparently purchasing the shirt.

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