Rethinking Guns Yet? Defunding The Police & Insane Lockdowns | Dana Loesch (Video)

Rethinking Guns Yet? Defunding The Police & Insane Lockdowns | Dana Loesch Video by The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dana Loesch (Author, Grace Canceled) about liberty, freedom and civil disobedience in a time of lockdown, riots, and civil unrest. Dana discusses the riots and protests in response to police brutality and the involvement of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. She also discusses how some Americans are rethinking their feelings on guns and gun control when they hear more extreme policies like defunding the police gaining traction. Dana also discusses how people like Keith Ellison and others have helped normalize violence and how extreme elements have taken over the Democratic party. Dana discusses how there is a new wave of first time gun owners, a lot of whom are women. Dana gives some advice for how people new to guns should proceed and recommends some of her favorite models. Dana also discusses how civil disobedience may be necessary to push back against government enforced lockdowns. She talks about people like Shelley Luther who reopened her salon against local orders to ensure that she could feed her family.

Dana discusses irrational rules like the Michigan seed ban by Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the paddle boarder arrested for being alone on the ocean in Malibu. Dana gives her thoughts on the current state of mainstream media and how media bias has led to the manipulation of facts to push narratives instead of truth. She tells the story of how CNN knowingly publicized the personal information of an elderly woman who was a Trump supporter and the harassment she endured as a result. Dana also discusses what she is most known for, being a spokeswoman for the NRA. She exposes the hypocrisy of many anti gun and gun control groups who at the same time hire armed private security for their events. Dana sees the 2nd amendment and the right to protect yourself with a gun as something that should be available to all citizens, not just the wealthy who can afford private security.

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