Trump damage control falls flat as stocks tank (Video)

Trump damage control falls flat as stocks tank Video by Peter Schiff

Wall Street sees a sea of red.
Fed is stealing your purchasing power and giving it to someone else.
Government should be lightening the burden it places on the economy.
Trump should make big cuts in government spending.

Market still in denial over likelihood of Democrats winning the White House and Senate in November.
Bernie Sanders won whether he’s on the ticket or not.
Democratic Socialism and slavery reparations are coming to America.
The crisis is just beginning for Bitcoin.

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Peter Schiff

Mr. Schiff began his investment career as a financial consultant with Shearson Lehman Brothers, after having earned a degree in finance and accounting from U.C. Berkeley in 1987. A financial professional for more than twenty years, he joined Euro Pacific in 1996 and served as its President until December 2010, when he became CEO. An expert on money, economic theory, and international investing, he is a highly sought after speaker at conferences and symposia around the world. He served as an economic advisor to the 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign and ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut in 2010.