Don’t Panic But Be Sure To Stock Up Now!

Don’t Panic But Be Sure To Stock Up Now! By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

A Grim Reality Playing Out Across America With More Signs Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better – Covid-19 Lock Downs Ensure Another Round Of Food Shortages Is On The Horizon

As life for many are starting to go back to normal with the reopening of many states, and “normal” never coming back for others that have lost their jobs and worry about where their next meal will come from, we are noting a number of establishment media stories acknowledging the dire circumstances and warning that things will get worse before getting better… if better is even in the cards.

When the MSM finally gets around to telling the truth, you know the situation has gone past the point of being able to spin it.

Chicago Tribune headlined a piece on June 10, 2020 with “Coronavirus spreads beyond meat plants with outbreaks at 60 US baking, agricultural, dairy facilities, raising specter of food shortages.”

It’s a grim reality that’s playing out across the country as COVID-19 spreads beyond the meat plants that have captured the national spotlight. At least 60 food-processing facilities outside the meatpacking industry have seen outbreaks, with more than 1,000 workers diagnosed with the virus, according to a new study from Environmental Working Group.

These are the first national numbers of their kind. The advocacy group compiled its figures using local media reports because there are no federal agencies reporting the data. The true total is almost certainly higher. Fruit and vegetable packers, bakers and dairy workers are risking infection as the virus spreads through processing plants where employees deemed essential have mostly remained on the job during the pandemic, sometimes laboring in close quarters.

Inevitably when we write these pieces we get snarky emails about how “My grocery store has NO empty shelves. FEAR PORN!”

I am happy for them, but they are completely ignoring how many Americans are seeing empty shelves, having limits put on their purchases of certain products, are waiting in very long lines just to be able to shop as stores limit the amount of customers allowed in.

Three days ago WSB-TV Atlanta put up a slide show of images taken at their local stores.

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(Long lines in Kroger)


(Line outside Costco)


(Unnamed Grocery Store)


(Empty shelves at Kroger)


(Hiram Walmart)

Anyone still in doubt that multiple stores from one end of the country to others, I only grabbed a few images, there are 20 at the WSB-TV Atlanta website, see for yourself. There are also hundreds found by just doing a search.

The point here is that many stores, especially in bigger cities and towns, those that depend on imports or food from other states or processing plants, are constantly running out of food.

Smaller local stores and towns that have their own butchers, farmers, and ranchers, are not feeling the bite as harshly as others are.

Not only are we seeing shortages, but according to CNN (I know, I know, but I am making the point that even liberal establishment media is being forced to report on these issues now), grocery bills were much higher in May as the prices of meat increased yet again. ( link here)

Beef and veal got a lot more expensive in particular: Consumers paid nearly 11% more in May, the largest ever monthly increase.

The price increase for certain types of meat was even more dramatic: uncooked beef roasts soared 19.5%, and uncooked beef steak prices jumped 11.6%.

Meat prices have been rising as major processing facilities shut down or slowed operations because workers have been getting sick with Covid-19. At the same time, demand for meat in grocery stores has spiked as consumers eat at home more.

What many in the MSM are still not acknowledging is that while some processing plants that were forced to close are starting to reopen, ranchers and farmers have been forced to destroy many of their own animals and crops because they could not get them processed.

That food is gone.

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We have not only seen a food chain supply collapse, and food price increases, but due to the shut down of states all across America has experts predicting an unprecedented surge in bankruptcies to occur next.

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