Rise up, America!

Rise up, America! BY Daily Reckoning

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Today we hoist the black flag of anarchy… and plot illicit acts.

For the spirit of sedition steals over us. And passion overmasters our typical Olympian serenity.

We may be declared infamous and set down as an insurrectionist. We may be sent to the gallows.

Yet the time for meek submission is gone. And the time for bald defiance is here.

Do we break heads? Do we holler against the police?

Do we incite our fellow Americans to thieving, to arson, to bedlam?

We do none of it, no.

We are as peaceful as a napping baby, as peaceful as grazing sheep.

Instead we beseech Americans to reclaim their ancient and God-granted liberties.

That is, we beseech Americans to defy the government freezes that imprison them in their homes… and wreck their livelihoods.

All About Saving Lives?

We issue today’s war cry for one central because:

The government authorities that mandated these “lockdowns” clearly do not take them heavily.

Their enforcement has proven selective. Capricious. Nonsensical. Idiotic.

That is to say, predictable.

These gushers of human compassion assured us the public health was their highest thought, that they had no thought beyond the preservation of life.

In consequence… they mandated the self-incarceration of perhaps 300 million Americans.

Yes, it would comatize the economy, they conceded. Yes, stores, restaurants, alehouses, theaters, schools, worship houses, beaches, parks and other places of public resort would be locked.

Yes, millions and millions of Americans would be thrown from their jobs.

Yet these unprecedented, egregious and breath-stealing measures were necessary… else the pandemic would overwhelm us. We were denied all choice.

This is what our jailors told us.

And they sobbed the saltiest tears that ever streamed down cheeks…

“If it saves one life,” sniffled Gov. Cuomo, the incalculable expense was worth the sacrifice.

“My mother is not expendable,” he gushed. “Your mother is not expendable.”

Yet evidently Mr. Cuomo’s mother is expendable… as your mother is expendable.

One Disease, Two Standards

Starting last weekend, the Minneapolis “protests” fanned out to the Empire State.

Thousands and thousands and thousands swarmed New York City — the same New York City that was severely walloped by the virus.

“Social distancing” was universally flouted at these protests.

Thus the elderly Mrs. Cuomo was placed in gravest jeopardy… as was your mother… and mothers throughout New York state.

Did the governor dispatch the National Guard to disperse the jeopardizers of motherhood?

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