Dark Journalist X-90: MKULTRA Assassins The RFK Truth Revealed After 52 Years! Sirhan and Cesar! (Video)

Dark Journalist X-90: MKULTRA Assassins The RFK Truth Revealed After 52 Years! Sirhan and Cesar! Video

Dark Journalist X-Series Episode 90: MKULTRA Assassins Sirhan The RFK Truth Revealed After 52 Years! Special LiveStream Friday June 5th, 8PM EST!

Also watch Dark Journalist Interview Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Medical Tyranny and
his thoughts on what actually happened to his father Senator Robert F. Kennedy and why he was assassinated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8gQ2…

Breakthrough Revelations on the 52nd Anniversary of the RFK Assassination
Join us tonight for a Special LiveStream on the 52nd anniversary of the Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as Dark Journalist revealed breakthrough information on the accused assassin Sirhan Sirhan and the Lockheed CIA Connected Security Guard named Thane Eugene Cesar who eventually fled to the Philippines. DJ will show that Sirhan was deep in an MKULTRA program run by a hypnosis specialist from a powerful American Political Family. Live QA with DJ and Miss Olivia will follow!

Thane Eugene Cesar
Lockheed Military Contractors
Aerospace Hidden Technology
Senator Robert F. Kennedy
Assassin Doubles


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