The Facts About American Citizens Being Killed by Cops

The Facts About American Citizens Being Killed by Cops by Rory for The Daily Coin

A few years ago we did a series on killer cops and proved beyond question there is no “war on cops” but there are a number of killer cops roaming the streets of America. These killers, sanctioned by the state, kill an American citizen approximately every 8.5 hours of every day of every week and have done so since, at least, 2013. Once you break down the people being killed you quickly realize, once again, corporate media is lying. Blacks are not the main target, white people are, by far, killed more often than blacks, hispanics and all other ethnic groups in the country. In most cases compared one-to-one you will find white citizens in America are killed at a pace of close to 2-to-1, or higher, over every other ethnic group in America.

It’s time for you to stop listening to corporate media, including the “local news” broadcast. If it’s coming through one of the major networks and it’s not Tucker Carlson, you are very likely being lied to right to your face.

We do not, under any circumstance, condone, support or even believe what is happening is connected to what appears to be the murder of George Floyd. The current storm sweeping across our country is not based on racial hatred, killer cops or anything of this nature. It is based on a lie. The people rioting, looting and destroying property are paid provocateurs. The protesters are real and have a right to protest, the people destroying our cities, businesses and historical monuments should be shot on sight. This would go a long way in stopping what is happening. The police are not going to help, not because they are unable, because they will not be able to be in all places, all the time. When police are 10 minutes away and it takes less than 30 seconds for everything to change, this is a serious problem.

Another man, who was working to open a sports bar in the area later this year, saw his bar destroyed. Needless to say, with only a few exceptions, the police weren’t around to “protect and serve.”

Admittedly, in cases like this week’s riots, the police are heavily outnumbered and unable to provide any sort of general protection from rioters. Even if individual officers were engaging in heroic behavior to turn rioters away from potential victims, there would be little they could do to confront all offenders. Source

We the people, as has been seen in more and more neighborhoods around the country, must stand up, push back and take control of our neighborhoods, cities and homes.

According to Officer Down Memorial Page

Total Line of Duty Deaths: 147 in 2019

The first thing that must happen is to REMOVE the non-citizen related deaths reported by ODMP. 9/11 deaths 24 “Duty related illness” 1, Heart Attack 19 – These three categories, and several other categories need to be more specific, paint a different picture than the headline. The headline proves beyond question there is no “war on cops” and after a very simple, very quick review of the numbers it becomes ever more clear the “war on cops” is nothing more than another lie.

Another Angry White Guy with a Gun Drops Truth Bombs

After removing the three categories discussed in the previous paragraph we find the number of police potentially killed by citizens is NOT 147 but less than 103. That means one cop, potentially, killed by a citizen every 3.54 DAYS compared to cops killing citizens every 8.5 HOURS.

hmmmmm….That’s a lot different than what we are told by corporate media. Never mind corporate media would never, ever mention the 1,004 American citizens killed by police in 2019. The 1,004 people killed by police in 2019 supports the whole idea of citizens being killed every 8.5 HOURS compared to every 3.54 DAYS.

But what about the black and white citizens being killed, how does that break down? Great question.

Statistic: Number of people shot to death by the police in the United States from 2017 to 2020, by race | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Please don’t misunderstand, believe it or not, I actually respect the police and the job they do. It just seems since police departments across the country have militarized their jobs, responsibilities and response to citizens is continually morphing into a job that “protects and serves” the ruling and banking class and murders, abuses and neglects their neighbors, associates and fellow citizens.

Video Source

Is this the answer?

Just in case the argument above is not convincing enough here’s a few more articles to help you get up to speed. As stated at the very beginning we have spent some time on this issue and would encourage you to take time to understand YOUR responsibility in the current and future scenarios. Acquire multiple weapons, learn how to operate each one, effectively, keep them close at all times and never, ever forget – when YOU need help and have just a few seconds to make a decision, the police are a mere 10-20 minutes away.

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