With Leftists Busting Out The Guillotines & Antifa Finally Officially Exposed As A Terrorist Organization, Democrats Are Unleashing Their ‘New Great Terror’ Upon America

With Leftists Busting Out The Guillotines & Antifa Finally Officially Exposed As A Terrorist Organization, Democrats Are Unleashing Their ‘New Great Terror’ Upon America By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

With President Trump and the US government declaring they’ll name ‘antifa’ as a terrorist organization following outbreaks of mass leftist violence all across the country, as the Connecticut Post reported in this recent story, America has become a ‘nation out of control’with stunning carnage in over 30 US states already, and this entire mess appears to be only just beginning.

And with the chaos now being called ‘urban warfare’ erupting in cities across the country really just a brutal wave of  violence spreading further and further across the nation, as leftists insanely burn down their own cities, police patrol cars have been torched, buildings set ablaze, cops attacked, and police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at crowds from coast to coast. Though as we look even closer, the ‘bigger picture’ is coming into sharp, clear focus.

As we see in the image at the top of this story, the leftists are already bringing out the guillotines as a ‘symbol’ of their ‘revolution’ (as they’ve done been in history). And as we see in the list that we’ve embedded below, the leftists/globalists who’ve long been working to take down freedom and America have assembled what they hope will enable them to do so including many foreign troops on US soil. And with even Hillary Clinton speaking of ‘fun camps to re-educate Americans’ in the past, how many guillotines and foreign troops are now on US soil?

With the guillotine an incredibly powerful psychological image which evokes fear and the horrifying bloody deaths via beheading, just imagine should this continue to spiral completely out of control in the future! Will we soon witness leftists carrying out mass public be-headings in the US of innocent Americans just because of their political views? The turmoil being unleashed in big cities across America and threats of leftists to come out to the suburbs to ‘take what is theirs’ simply gives Americans another reason to buy lots and lots of guns to defend themselves, families and their loved ones.

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While we are unable to confirm the exact numbers seen in the chart above, it’s long been warned there are many foreign troops already here in America. Infowars has been reporting for nearly 10 years on the many foreign troops that are already ‘operating’ inside of America, invited in by Barack Obama and the globalists, and the United Nations would like nothing better than putting their troops on the streets of Chicago, Minneapolis, LA and other areas now experiencing rioting to ‘keep the peace’.

And with what is happening now all across America clearly ‘orchestrated chaos’ and the rioting, chaos and total unrest spreading all across the country being pushed by globalists like George Soros, the fact that massive, random piles of bricks are showing up as weapons in cities across America, clearly pre-placed by ‘someone’, is another sign that all of this was pre-planned though we really shouldn’t be at all surprised. Such tools and weapons such as riots and bricks and guillotines have long been used by the left in an attempt to ‘get their way’ going back hundreds of years.

And over and over again the past year+ we’ve been warning in stories on ANP that should the Democrats/globalists not get their way and successfully impeach President Trump, they’d be happy to just burn the entire country down. And we’re seeing exactly that now in places such as: LA, Seattle, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, NYC, DC, Philly, Miami, Vegas, Cleveland, Denver, Des Moines, Dallas, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Columbia, Wilmington, Portland, Phoenix, and Tampa.

And if ‘rioters’ think that they are protected by the law to jump in front of cars, trucks, or buses, ‘natural law’ has proven them immediately wrong with those doing so getting ‘instant karma’. Yet the emergence of a ‘guillotine’ in Ferguson, Missouri is another sign of where the Democrats want to take this. And a sinister sign indeed.

As wikipedia reports, “the guillotine is best known for its use in France, in particular during the French Revolution, where the revolution’s supporters celebrated it as the people’s avenger and the revolution’s opponents vilified it as the pre-eminent symbol of the violence of the Reign of Terror.  While the name “guillotine” dates from this period, similar devices had been in use elsewhere in Europe over several centuries. The display of severed heads had long been one of the most common ways European sovereigns exhibited their power to their subjects.

So we continue to urge absolute preparation for whatever might be unleashed upon America in the days, weeks and months ahead with Democrats now desperate to regain political control by ‘any means necessary’ and what’s happening now in US streets looking almost like the ‘color revolutions’ we’ve seen our own deep state pushing to overthrow government’s all across the world.

Which leads us to ask, with the ‘Russian collusion hoax’ having exploded in Democrats faces while their attempted ‘impeachment coup’also delivered some well-deserved shrapnel to their egos, is this entire ‘George Floyd event’ really an ‘attempted coup’ with more than 50 Secret Service members injured attempting to protect the White House? Buy guns to protect your families and country, America, and lots of them while we still can with Democrats trying to outlaw the 2nd Amendment for years.

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