Organized riots the next step in Democrat’s coup against America

Organized riots the next step in Democrat’s coup against America by Joseph Ragonese for Communities Digital News

WASHINGTON: The organized chaos destroying American cities is the next step in the resistance, the coup, against President Donald Trump. Following almost three months of draconian lockdown orders all across America, due to a Chinese flu pandemic, our nation is now rocked with rioting across the land.

Is this a nasty coincidence, or is it part of an organized globalist plot to transform America?

Some might say that the series of events is capricious, but let’s examine them more closely.

It doesn’t start with the China flu, it begins with the findings of the Mueller special prosecutor investigation. The exposure of the Democrat’s coup against President Trump.  As we all know, Mueller found that President Trump and his associates were not colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election. That coup failed.

Dumbfounded Democrats quickly hatched and executed a plot to impeach President Trump through a concocted scheme involving Ukraine and diplomacy. This is like all the plots against President Trump are. Where we see Democrats going on the offensive to overthrow an elected president.

And then everything changes. Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the coup attempt against President Trump starts to unravel the plots as well as the plotters. Relief comes to Democrats in the way of the China flu pandemic.

Locked-down Americans stop paying attention to politics and the unraveling plot.

The deep state and Democrat socialist have short reprieve to hash out another plot.

As they flounder around, the light on the coup plotters is again shown, this time through the declassification of documents by acting DNI chief Richard Grenell. The documents shame Democrats and send shivers of fear pulsing through coup plotters, all the way up to Obama.

Simultaneously, the China flu pandemic is coming to an end, in spite of the best efforts of some stalwart Democrat governors.

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