George Gammon: The Economic Insanity Is Only Going To Get Crazier?? (Video)

George Gammon: The Economic Insanity Is Only Going To Get Crazier?? Video by Wall St for Main St

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George’s YouTube channel in less than a year has over 110k subscribers and around 10 million views. Truly incredible growth.

During this 120+ minute interview, Jason and George discuss the moral hazard the Fed has created and how any type of deflation, especially in asset prices, seems to no longer be allowed.

George has some very interesting insights he shares about the global macro situation, inflation, the Fed and gold.

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks George what lessons he has learned from interviewing so many successful investors, George’s insights into the upcoming problems in the commercial and residential real estate market and George even has some good advice for current or potential entrepreneurs.

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