Marauders Versus Protesters

Marauders Versus Protesters by Rory for The Daily Coin

I don’t know about you but I’m sick up to my eyebrows with every low IQ person with a keyboard and a camera proclaiming the people destroying Minneapolis are “protesters”. These are not protesters, they are marauders – looting, burning and destroying everything in their path. This circus has now gone national.

One of the biggest problems we have in our world today is the disintegration of language. When the language is destroyed and people use words incorrectly for long periods of time, well, communications break down. When communications break down society begins to fray and then you have a massive turn of events that cause people to lose their minds.

This is exactly what is happening right now. This whole thing could’ve been avoided if our society had never accepted the lies surrounding the words – “money” and “dollar”. Had these two words been banished from our vocabulary more than 100 years ago, we would not be having these problems in Minneapolis, or other cities around the country, today.

According to Merriam-Webster the definition of a marauder is as such
one who roams from place to place making attacks and raids in search of plunder

According to Merrian-Webster the definition of a protester is as such
1- a solemn declaration of opinion and usually of dissent
2- the act of objecting or a gesture of disapproval
3- a complaint, objection, or display of unwillingness usually to an idea or a course of action
4- an objection made to an official or a governing body of a sport

While there are multiple types of protests and protesters we see the people in Michigan, with their “long guns” seem to have struck a cord with most, if not all the varieties of protest.

The people in Minneapolis on the the other hand seemed to have hit, quiet clearly, the one and only variety of marauder.

Does this video show the aftermath of a protest?

What about these “protesters” loading up TV’s onto a cart. Were the TV’s doing something wrong and needed to be put in time out?

What about this situation in Portland, Or. Did Louis Vuitton somehow upset everyone over the death of George Floyd so the people decided a small “protest” in the form of stealing everything would square the circle.

Here’s another image of what people call protesters. Looks a lot like the handy work of marauders to me.

In this video it appears we have found some people protesting against the marauders – I mean “protesters”.

More people not “protesting” but celebrating the destruction of private property – not their private property, but someone else’s.

And in Atlanta at the CNN headquarters.

People are attempting to compare and contrast the situation in Michigan a few weeks ago when protesters showed up armed at the Capital building. There is a massive difference – no one, repeat, NO ONE, not one person, looted a Target store, burned down businesses and other private property nor did they continue to riot for several nights. The people in Michigan came out during the day time, the people in Minneapolis are coming out at night to commit crimes under the cover of darkness. This is the difference between a marauder and a protester. The color of ones skin doesn’t play a part in the situation, the actions of the people dictate the response by authorities, and to be perfectly clear, the response by the country. No one wants to see this.

Our world would look a lot different had we simply learned our lesson and heeded the warnings of those attempting to get our attention when the Federal Reserve was born. Learn more by clicking this link – When Currency Becomes Corrupt…

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