Lyn Alden: Dollar Shortage Will Only Be Temporary? Flood of Dollars Coming? (Video)

Lyn Alden: Dollar Shortage Will Only Be Temporary? Flood of Dollars Coming? Video by Wall St For Main St

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St welcomes first time guest, global macro expert, Seeking Alpha article writer and stock analyst, Lyn Alden for an interview.

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During this comprehensive interview, Jason asks Lyn a lot of questions about the global economy including: the shape of the global economy before the coronavirus and the precarious state of the US Dollar now that the Fed, the US Treasury & Congress seem to want to do trillions more in fiscal spending.

Is the Dollar shortage only temporary? Did the global economy slowing down a lot all of 2019 help cause the September 2019 Repo Madness problems?

Jason asks Lyn about Japanification, stagflation and the dangers of negative interest rate policy (NIRP).

Jason also asks Lyn about scenarios where gold may not do well or if politicians try to tax it in the even gold prices go a lot higher.

To wrap up the interview, Lyn talks about emerging markets and how to find value when central banks and governments are flooding asset markets with liquidity.

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