“Social Distancing”: Attack on First Amendment!

“Social Distancing”: Attack on First Amendment! by  for Activist Post

“Social Distancing” is a direct attack on Americans’ First Amendment right of Freedom of Assembly. The government assures us that it is enforcing social distancing “for our own good”.

However, there are two major problems with that concept:

1 – First and foremost: It is NEVER in the interests of the American people to destroy the foundation of our republic and freedoms. The Bill of Rights of the US Constitution protects our God-given UNALIENABLE rights. The First Amendment protects not only the right of assembly, but freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion. All of these are now under attack by the policies created for COVID-19.

2 – In late April, The World Health Organization recognized Sweden’s “herd immunity” as the model for the world to follow in dealing with COVID-19 rather than China’s “lockdown” model. The May 12 Foreign Affairs article Sweden’s Coronavirus Strategy Will Soon Be the World’ssays: “Herd Immunity Is the Only Realistic Option—the Question Is How to Get There Safely.” Why Sweden’s COVID-19 Strategy Is Quietly Becoming the World’s Strategy is a May 14, 2020 article that shows the shift from lockdown to herd immunity.

Our elected officials take an oath to defend the US Constitution from “enemies foreign and domestic”. Yet, New York City major Bill de Blasio has deployed the police to issue $1,000 fines to people in parks who are deemed to be “too close” together – not practicing sufficient “social distancing”. On May 1, there were massive protests in Manhattan because 40% of New Yorkers could not pay their rent.

Imagine being out of work and in lockdown for six weeks and finally having a chance to go to a park with family and/or friends to enjoy some sun only to be hit with a $1,000  — for what?


The video CORONAVIRUS: THE GREAT AWAKENING by The HighWire with Del Bigtree was streamed live on May 7, 2020. The show celebrates Americans and people around the world who are protesting the lockdown now. Del interviews a marine who was able to talk police in California into stop enforcing draconian measures. All across America, patriotic Americans are standing up now to defend their rights under the US Constitution.

Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College in Britain developed the “Imperial Model”, the projections for the coronavirus on which the UK, the US, and many other countries based their COVID-19 policies and decisions to go into lockdown which is destroying their economies, school systems, food industries, etc. When scientists asked Ferguson for his code, he delayed for six weeks because the code was 13 years old! Ferguson asked Microsoft to upgrade the code before he released it for review!

When Ferguson finally released the code, The Gateway Pundit ran a headline saying “The Imperial Model is now confirmed as a complete fraud”. Now, Ferguson has resigned in disgrace. Del points out that Ferguson was responsible for the destruction of the world’s economy because so many people followed him. Ferguson’s projections about the bird flu and mad cow disease were also wildly wrong years ago.

Del cites some of the 120 expert voices (high-ranking scientists, doctors, lawyers, and other experts worldwide) who spoke out about COVID-19 on April 20 to say that it’s just a mild seasonal flu.

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