Doctors With Hacksaws: How the Donald’s Civil War-Style Surgeons Amputated the Economy

Doctors With Hacksaws: How the Donald’s Civil War-Style Surgeons Amputated the Economy By  via Lew Rockwell

It started in sheer madness on March 13 when the Donald was persuaded to declare a national emergency by his camarilla of dopey doctors.

Their stay-at-home guidelines were absolute folly because by then it was obvious that the new Wuhan virus strain mainly attacked the aged, infirm and those already afflicted with serious cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and diabetes/obesity ailments, not the general population. For more than 90% of the population what was happening in mid-March was merely the cresting of a bad winter flu pandemic.

So the obvious thing to do was to protect the small segment of people – especially nursing and retirement home residents – who are vulnerable to serious illness or death from the Covid and allow business as usual to be carried on by the vast bulk of the population.

After all, that’s what successfully happened during the Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968-1969. Back then the mortality rate was computed by the CDC at 68 per 100,000 or nearly 3X higher than the WITH Covid death count to date (85,000 deaths or a 25 per 100,000 mortality rate), but lockdowns and stay-at-home orders were not even on the radar screen.

By setting aside common sense, economic sanity and the constitution itself, however, the Donald’s emergency declaration and CDC guidelines triggered a veritable pandemic of public hysteria and governmental madness. Within days governors and mayors around the country were literally imitating the infamous civil war “surgeons” who amputated any limb that was or might become infected – -in this case, the economic and social arms and legs of most of their citizenry.

There is no doubt that New York governor Andrew Cuomo was the lead bone-saw wielder among this rabid pack of economic surgeons. The tip-off was there from day # 1 when he justified shutting down his state’s economy and confining almost 20 million people to house arrest two months ago by saying,

“If everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.”

Oh, puleese!

Whenever – short of the Bubonic Plague, a foreign military invasion or the arrival of little green men from Mars – the government gets in the death prevention business you might as well kiss liberty and capitalist prosperity good-bye.

That’s because upwards of 2.9 million American die every year, and for every major cause of death there is an endless supply of so-called experts, think tanks, lobbies, ambitious politicians and do-gooders with schemes to “save lives”.

A mere listing of the annual causes of death tells you that inviting the government in to help “save lives” from the ordinary risks of human existence would result in a Gong Show of coercive, costly and contradictory interventions. During 2018, for instance, the major causes of death included,

  • 655,000 from heart diseases;
  • 600,000 from cancer;
  • 167,000 from auto and other accidents;
  • 160,000 from respiratory illnesses;
  • 148,000 from strokes;
  • 122,000 for Alzheimer;
  • 85,000 from diabetes;
  • 60,000 from influenza and pneumonia;
  • 51,000 from renal diseases;
  • 48,000 from suicide; and
  • 144,000 from all other causes.

So, yes, if you want a Nanny State, you could empower Health Patrols everywhere to police eating, smoking, drinking, exercising, driving, skydiving, swimming, sunning, boating, emoting, farming, food processing, and countless more “risky” activities – the suppression of which could arguably “save lives”.

Needless to say, we do not exaggerate – not when you consider the insane orders that were issued on hardly a moments notice to “save lives” allegedly threatened by the Covid. They are a vivid reminder that unless there is an overpowering and existential threat to society’s very survival, there is no reason to turn officialdom and their bone-saw surgeons loose on the economy in the name of public health protection and “saving lives”.

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