Experts Warn ‘Expect Prices To Skyrocket’ For Meat, Amid Shortages

Experts Warn ‘Expect Prices To Skyrocket’ For Meat, Amid Shortages By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Be prepared to pay a figurative arm and leg for meat soon. Prices are already 8.1% higher than they were at this time last year. Experts are now warning that the already increased prices are just the beginning, and to “Expect prices to skyrocket” in the coming weeks ahead.

Via Bloomberg:

Experts expect prices to skyrocket in the coming weeks, as meat processing plants across the U.S. are forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic. Pork and beef prices could increase by as much as 20% compared to 2019, according to a new report from CoBank, a cooperative bank that is part of the Farm Credit System.

115 processing plants, meat and poultry, have reported confirmed cases of COVID-19, as production for pork and beef has plunged nearly 35% compared to the same time last year.

As we have previously reported, due to the lack of production capabilities, farmers will be forced to euthanize or “depopulate” millions of animals they cannot get processed.

This is quite literally the nightmare scenario many warned could come at some point whether from a weather event, economic collapse, or terror attack, etc…. This just happens to be occurring because of a pandemic.

That point is here.

More from that Bloomberg article:

Killing animals and destroying products will only make future price hikes and food shortages worse. Sawyer says that the hogs and cattle being euthanized now means that supply shortages will become worse later this year, with reduced grocery store supplies in May and June.

“As communities reopen with only about one week of meat supply in cold storage, shortages and stock outs in the meat case couldn’t come at a worse time,” Sawyer writes in the report. “Food inflation and a weak U.S. economy is a combination that will leave many consumers in greater financial strain.”

Grocery chains including Kroger and Costco have already started limiting how much meat customers can buy. Fast-food chains say they’re closely monitoring the situation, with Wendy’s running out of burgers and limiting its menu at roughly 18% of locations.

Some Americans, those that live in areas where it is allowed and have the ability to do so, are turning to hunting for their own meat, while others are finding local butchers to get their meat from, at least in areas that still have traditional butchers as the profession has decreased in the last couple of decades, while still others are skipping the middle man (grocery stores) and going directly to farmers and ranchers that live in their areas.

For those that have not already stocked up on whatever meat they can get, at least enough to get them through a few months, and with the prices already increasing, now is the time to start looking into the emergency survival foods, freeze dried and canned, that is still available with shipping and delivery within a reasonable time-frame.

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Those links minus the fish because there is no widespread issue with fish processing plants being reported as of yet, will be at the bottom of this article. 


Less than two months ago we were told by mainstream media there would be no food shortages and to stop worrying about it, that was hyperbolic reporting by Independent Media, with others screaming “fear porn.”  Yet now, everyone is finally reporting on it, after the prices have already started to rise. After stores have limited the amount of meat that can be bought. After some restaurants have removed certain meat products from their menu.

I have said it before and I will say it again, that is like closing the barn door after the animals have already escaped.

Too little, too late.

At some point Americans have to hold the establishment media accountable for misleading them. In some cases it is just political partisanship and bias, but with this issue, food shortages, their failure to do their jobs and warn their audience, could actually cost lives.

They should be held accountable.

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