“Big Brother” Bill Hits Senate Floor for Vote Next Week

“Big Brother” Bill Hits Senate Floor for Vote Next Week by  for Activist Post

Next week, the US Senate will consider the permanent reauthorization of sections of the USA PATRIOT Act which permitted the wholesale spying on American citizens. HR 6172, if passed into law, will give the FBI the powers to continue to spy, surveil and watchlist ordinary Americans.

In addition to new provisions, HR 6172 would reauthorize the government’s ability to collect business and other records of individuals through the FISA court. It would also reauthorize a roving wiretap provision that permits the government to get orders targeting people who frequently change phone lines or use so-called burner devices to avoid traditional wiretaps on individual lines.

And of mounting concern to a growing number of watchlisted Americans, including reporters and activists, is the “lone wolf” provision which grants the government the power to surveil people who have no known connection to terrorist organizations but are nonetheless suspected for unspecified reasons of some level of terrorism. This provision is also up for the Senate vote.

A number of amendments to the Bill, which was passed by the House last March, might serve to soften some of the more draconian implications of the spying bill. Senator Mike Lee, R-Utah, has proposed an amendment which would expand the circumstances under which an amicus curiae (Friend of the Court) would be appointed for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court proceedings. These circumstances include those involving religious institutions, political figures and other particularly sensitive cases.

If you are wondering if you read that right, the answer is most likely yes. The FISA court has approved spying on political figures and religious institutions.

An amendment from Senator Rand Paul, R-KY, would stipulate that the FISA court proceedings cannot be used against American citizens.

As quoted in Roll Call, Senator Paul had the following to say:

I think they’ll start with the House bill and we’ll have some amendment votes. I think leadership probably presumes they can beat them all, and, I don’t know, they usually do. We’ll see what happens…But I think it’s an important debate to have, and I will encourage the president to veto it if it still allows Americans to be abused in FISA court.

According to former NSA linguist and whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart, FISA court proceedings have been used liberally to target Americans. Stewart states that:

A quiet hell was unleashed secretly upon the American public, not so much upon actual terrorists at all but for show, for pretense. It was a gigantic bait and switch, a Trojan Horse by which to target innocent Americans through brand new bright and shiny FBI Fusion Centers for horrific abuses…

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