If You Think The “Mini-Tyrants” Will Simply Pull Back…

If You Think The “Mini-Tyrants” Will Simply Pull Back… by Rory for The Daily Coin

If you are still living under the misguided belief that someone is out their and is planning on protecting you and your family from tyrants, thugs or anyone else coming to attack you, you will be on the receiving end of deadly wake-up call. Possibly, life ending wake-up call.

These tyrants that are popping up all over the country are not going to easily give up their new found power. No, these “mini-tyrants” are going to continue to push and push until We the People begin pushing back in earnest.

Ask The Students At Kent State…

Shelley Luther, owner of a hair salon, is new face of strength and Liberty. When Ms. Luther was confronted by one of the mini-tyrants in Dallas, Tx she did the right thing and refused his order to bow before him. When Rick Savage, owner of a restaurant, defied his states mini-tyrant the state unlawfully revoked his health and liquor license.

If you still believe all the tech giants are ever going to relinquish their authority over the internet you have another thing coming. What has President Trump done to curb the tide of censorship? With he bluster and fury coming from Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley, Mark Meadows and so many other members of CONgress, what have they done to protect you and me from these tyrants in Silicon Valley? Nothing – you don’t say.

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If you think the police are going to do the right thing and protect you and your family – well, good luck with that idea. Remember who the police work for? – It’s not you. The police are in place to protect the banking and ruling class from YOU.

Police Are Complicit in Politicians’ Disregard for the Rule of Law by  for Mises

People of a certain age might remember the old John Birch Society slogan “Support your local police!” The idea here is that your local policeman is a liberty-loving buddy of yours who would only ever support just laws and constitutional mandates. Only those bad guys in the FBI or BATF would ever consider violating your rights.

Now, obviously that has always been a rather naïve fantasy, but the notion certainly has a long history of support among American conservatives. The idea that unionized, well-paid government employees sympathize with the common man instead of with the government that signs the cops’ checks apparently has long made sense (for some reason) to conservatives and many others.

But thanks to the ongoing “state of emergency” and the fact that state governors, mayors, and health officials now rule by decree, we’re witnessing more and more how local law enforcement officers have no particular interest in the rule of law, the Bill of Rights, or basic human rights of any sort. Police have been at the forefront of arresting business owners for the “crime” of using their own private property, using city parks, and engaging in other peaceful activities.

As Judge Napolitano has noted, these “stay-at-home orders”—and the penalties that accompany them—aren’t even real laws since they were never passed by a legislature or brought into being by any process other than on the authority of a single person who is usually a state governor or municipal official. By no definition of “rule of law” do these measures meet basic moral requirements for their imposition on peaceful citizens. Read the Entire Story >>>

Tyranny Thrives As Liberty Dies

So, the sooner you snap out of your dream state the more likely you will be able to better protect yourself and your family. If the slumber continues much longer, you will be meeting Jesus maybe sooner than originally anticipated. These people are serious, how about you?

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