Tyranny Thrives As Liberty Dies

Tyranny Thrives As Liberty Dies by Rory for The Daily Coin

Liberty is a gift from God, freedom is right granted by men.

When the people stand-down instead of standing up, tyranny thrives.
When the people huddle in their homes and hand over their God simply because someone tells them to, tyranny thrives.
When the people roll over and scream for others to shut-up, tyranny thrives.
When the people demand an injection of unknown origin, tyranny thrives.
When the people sing the song of tyranny with gleeful abandon, tyranny thrives.

The number of examples of tyranny arriving in the U.S. grow on a daily basis. In the video below there are a couple of examples as we have attempted to stay on top of what is happening across the country. A big part of the current game plan of the satanic globalist is to keep us busy beyond belief chasing ghost, chasing dead ends and reporting on items that don’t exist. I am guilty of falling in their trap. A great many of my counterparts are guilty as well.

There is precious little good news regarding patriots rising up to push back.

Throughout history every “civilization’ that has ever been fought for freedom, thrived and prospered, got fat and lazy, became corrupt to the core and then died. There is a particular life cycle societies go through and the society we have enjoyed is coming, very rapidly, to an end. I pray our grandchildren have stronger backbones than the current crop of GMO soaked, fluoridated and drugged-out generation that is closer to resembling The Walking Dead than responsible, duty bound, American citizens.

Tucker Carlson does a remarkable job of describing the current events and the rise of tyranny. It is spreading like wildfire and, the truly sad part is, the people are demanding a harder fist and bigger board shoved up…. It is stunning to watch. It is shocking to hear the high pitch squeals for more and more authoritarian rule. Where are the patriots – are they all in Michigan and no where else?

The first 15 minutes of the video below should be shared with every person in the U.S. until they understand what is being said. The message could not be any clearer. The message could not be more pointed at the American citizens sitting on their hands as the tyrants take control.

When the people stand up, tyranny dies and Liberty thrives. It’s time to stand up.

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