Covid Crazy

Covid Crazy By Francis Marion for The Burning Platform

A friend of mine is concerned about me. I have AS (an autoimmune disorder) and I’ve got what my physician calls a ‘textbook’ case of it. That’s doctor speak for ‘you’ve got it pretty bad’. The disease has done a number on me over the years. In the past it attacked my eyes, my guts and welded most of my back and neck into a solid, inflexible, twisted piece of bone. It’s gotten into my elbows, hips, knees and my ankles where it’s worked hard to ruin me even more.

To combat it I take (like millions of others just like me) a drug that blocks my immune system and keeps it from attacking my body. Without those drugs I’d be in a wheelchair by now. That’s how aggressive the disease is in me. But because it blocks (suppresses) my immune system I am blessed with the gift of mobility and a more or less normal life. With one exception: I am more likely to catch bugs and suffer from infections than people with normal functioning immune systems are.

And therein lies his concern. I keep going to work. He thinks I’m going to get sick.

I chuckled when he expressed his concern. Catching viruses is something I think about year round. And some stretches of the year are worse than others. Every October through March is “Covid19” season for those of us with poorly functioning immune systems. And every virus I catch could be the one that puts me in the hospital. I caught one in mid January that nearly sent me there. It’s the first time I’ve been truly concerned for my own health in years.

But that’s just the way it is. I (and those like me) mitigate the possibility of it happening by taking precautions. I don’t generally hang out in large groups of people (which is fine because I don’t really like most of you anyways), I wash my hands regularly and sanitize wounds ASAP (I learned that lesson the hard way).

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