COVID-19 Proves Public Education As We Know It Is ‘Non-Essential’

COVID-19 Proves Public Education As We Know It Is ‘Non-Essential’ By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

This Is A Pandemic Shutdown That Should Continue Indefinitely

– Homeschooling And Remote Online College Courses Would Stop The Communist Indoctrination

We are seeing protests across the nation against governors and state officials over-reach and downright tyrannical orders to force healthy, uninfected people to completely stop their lives, no work, no entertainment, because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The keyword there in that paragraph is force.

We were some of the first to suggest self-quarantining if possible, so if you were healthy, you could try to stay that way, but that was a recommendation for a voluntary action, not a call for states to mandate it at the point of a gun or threat of arrest, that people be locked away in their homes, only allowed to leave for “essential” items, turning every household into a prison.

As we watch liberty and freedom eroding under the tyrannical nature of state governors and officials, we have to wonder…. exactly what country are we living in, because this is not the America most of us grew up in and know.

Forcing businesses to close their doors, to which many will never financially recover from, while seeing elected state leaders declare they will determine what is an is not “essential” for their citizenry, and ordering all others to basically commit professional suicide as they cannot survive if their doors are locked, is guaranteed to kill the economy.

They don’t care. For them it is all about control. The more they have, the more they want and the more they will threaten by force.

There is an expression” “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely,” and never have four words been as accurate as those as we are watching that proven almost daily now.

Aside from all that, there is another aspect and a huge lesson we can all learn from watching these lockdowns and forced closures.

Colleges are “non-essential.”


With all that said, there is one type of business that state officials from almost all states closed, therefore deemed “non-essential,” which we believe should possibly stayed closed permanently.

We are seeing a lot of news coming out daily, something new as fast as you can read the previous one. States extending their lockdowns. McDonald’s starts rationing meat. 900 at a Tyson pork plant test positive for COVID-19. Cremations set back for weeks because there are too many bodies.

On and on it goes….. but the headlines that have recent captured my attention indicate the physical schools are truly “non-essential.”

Some of those headlines include, but are not limited to

Harvard to Have a Fall Semester, but Details Unclear: They are considering teaching “remotely.” (No students on campus)

How long will Wisconsin schools remain shut down because of COVID-19? At least another month, maybe longer

New Jersey schools to remain closed indefinitely

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker shuts down schools for rest of academic year

States Ordering Schools to Close

Bozeman schools to stay closed through June

Everywhere we turn we hear about plans to teach remotely, courses being held online,  or parents that are homeschooling.

Ask yourself: If schools and colleges can work remotely or homeschool for months on end because of the pandemic, why can’t they do the same thing permanently?

There are a variety of benefits to homeschooling or teaching remotely,” which include financial benefits, educational benefits and for some, the most important, going back to teaching children and young adults actual acedemia rather than indoctrinating them into communist and socialist agendas, where teachers these days are busier “teaching” social justice than they are basic English, Math, Science, etc….

Financially: This could be argued both ways. Parents in families that require two paychecks to survive may find it difficult to keep their children home one their place of employment opens back up, but communities are managing to figure out ways to share the teaching among neighbors. The children are learning, and the parents are working together to limit the teaching burden on any one individual by spreading out the different subjects.

A definite financial benefit comes from the cost. Local, state and federal funding, along with endowments and donations, for schools and colleges to maintain the physical buildings and/or campuses, books, school lunches,sporting events, etc….  would no longer be required. Just a portion of those billions across the nation could be used to supply books and educational supplies to parents, just as they already do for schools.

Socially: Some might argue that the children “need” social interactions that school provides, but that is only if one ignores the fact that homeschooling, or being taught remotely, does not prevent children/young adults from interacting with others of their age-group outside of the home.

Sports, libraries, communities setting up a shared-teaching schedule, just to name a few off the top of my head, all provide more than adequate social interactions without the need for physical schools.

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This bullet point right here is, to me,the most critical and important one when considering whether physical schools are really “essential,” or if in this day and age, are actually detrimental to children and young adults.

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